Monthly Recap: 2020 May – July

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It has been a busy 2-month period for us; and thus we fall short of doing our weekly recaps.

Starting August, we’ve decided as a team to have a monthly recap instead.

What to expect this month?

We have finished the first phase of our content marketing experiment, that is content creation.

We are now planning to do the next phase, which is SEO and some promotions or outreach.

See the progress of the experiment here: Content Marketing Experiment.

Here is a recap of what we had last July:

  1. The Importance of Digital Marketing for eCommerce Business
  2. Tips on Making Effective Infographics
  3. Google Ads: The Number 1 Tool You Should Not Ignore
  4. 5 Content Marketer’s Must-Have Qualities
  5. Can You Really Drive Traffic With Clickbait Articles?
  6. 4 tips to quickly improve your website in the current situation
  7. How to Measure Content Marketing Success 101
  8. 7 Reasons Why You Must Switch to Brave Browser Now
  9. 7 SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Website Authority Score
  10. 15 Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Content Development
  11. 10 Engaging Newsletter Content Ideas for Your Business
  12. 6 site structure mistakes and how to avoid them!

Here is a recap of what we had last June:

  1. How To Write Meta Descriptions That Don’t Suck
  2. How to Test if XML-RPC Is Working
  3. Use Visual Content to Engage Your Audience: 9 Tips and 25 Examples
  4. What Is Content Marketing?
  5. Using Content Marketing to Engage Audiences: Six Examples
  6. Content Marketing Best Practices
  7. 4 of the Most Effective Content Types to Engage With Your Audience
  8. Build Audience Connections with Content Marketing
  9. 4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (And What to Do Instead)
  10. 101 Content Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar
  11. 7 SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Website Authority Score
  12. Complete beginner’s guide to SEO
  13. How Pagination Affects Your Organic SEO Rankings and Lead Generation Efforts
  14. Change a WordPress Theme in the Database
  15. New Ranking Factors: Core Web Vitals
  16. Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them
  17. SEM vs SEO
  18. Small Business Guide to Video Marketing
  19. Top 3 SEO Tools for WordPress
  20. Facebook for Business: Facebook Pixel
  21. Which Types of Live Video Are People Actually Watching? [New Data]
  22. Why Guest Posting Isn’t the Answer in 2020
  23. How to Win an Ad Space in the Search Results
  24. Content Syndication: What It Is and How to Get Started
  25. How Infographics Can Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy
  26. Best Content Marketing Tools of 2020
  27. Effective Ways to Promote Your Content in 2020
  28. Great Benefits of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  29. Using TikTok To Build Your Business
  30. How to Add Social Share Buttons in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)
  31. How to Write a Business Plan You’ll Actually Use
  32. How to Write 16 Knockout Articles When You Only Have One Wimpy Idea
  33. Is Email Marketing Dead?
  34. Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business
  35. How long does it take to rank in Google?
  36. Best Small Business Accounting Software Tools for Growing Businesses
  37. Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work Today
  38. Tips on How to Create an Effective Landing Page
  39. The Ultimate Guide: Quality Topics for Your Site
  40. Welcome Email Subject Lines for Your New Subscribers
  41. Best Marketing Analytics Tools for Startups and Small Businesses in 2020
  42. How to Choose a Web Host: A 15-Point Checklist
  43. Social Media Mistakes To Avoid
  44. What is keyword stemming?
  45. Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes
  46. What are Rich Snippets and Why are They Important
  47. Benefits Of Blogging For Your Small Business
  48. How Often Should I Email my Clients
  49. Complete Guide to Copywriting
  50. Ways Small Business Can Build Brand Awareness
  51. Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business Blog
  52. Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business
  53. SEO Tracking Metrics That Really Matter
  54. Should I Allow Comments on my Blog or Not
  55. Fundamentals of Successful Small Business Email Marketing You Need to Know
  56. The Pros and Cons of Native Advertising: Is Sponsored Content for You?
  57. How to Prepare a Content Online or Content Brief
  58. Instagram Hashtag Guide—How to Use Them and Get Results
  59. How to Curate Content for Facebook and Blog
  60. Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
  61. Five Ways to Attract More Readers to Your Blog
  62. 13 Content Marketing Hacks That Will Help You Attract More Clients
  63. 4 Critical Dos and Don’ts of Web Content Writing and Editing
  64. Content Marketing Analytics: 6 Common How-To Questions
  65. Types of Content Marketing

Here is a recap of what we had from 2020 May 17-31:

  1. Should B2B Marketers Embrace Ephemeral Content?
  2. How to Add a nofollow attribute on All External Links for Specific Domains or URLs
  3. 3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
  4. How Can Globe Help Make Working from Home Convenient
  5. 5 Blogging Tips to Help Boost Your Content Now via @jamarketer
  6. How to Drive Traffic with Content Amplification
  7. How to Tailor Content to Your Target Audience Using the Five Elements of Empathy
  8. How to Make Use of the FB Page Engagements
  9. Facebook’s Ad Guide
  10. 7 SEO Quick Wins During COVID-19 via @Stevenvvessum
  11. 4 Uncommon (But Super-Effective) Keyword Research Tactics

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