Content Marketing Analytics: 6 Common How-To Questions

You should remember that content marketing doesn’t stop the moment you post your content and make it available to the public. It is a continuous process that entails a number of follow-ups and assessments. You have to look back on your content and check its engagements. Failing to assess your analytics would only leave you behind.

With insufficient knowledge on the ins and outs of content creation, all your marketing efforts could be pointless.

Below are the common questions that content marketers like you should consider:

  1. How do we know if content is driving conversions?
  2. How can we discover content gaps in our strategy?
  3. How much of our content do people read?
  4. How do we know the best time and day for us to publish content?
  5. How can we tell how people are interacting with our content?
  6. How can we see who is reading our content?

Find out the answers here: https://www.webfx.com/blog/marketing/content-marketing-analytics/

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