How Can Globe Help Make Working from Home Convenient

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought businesses on uncharted territories. One way they keep their core operations functioning is by allowing their employees to work from home. 

Working from home has its perks. For example, employees no longer need to suffer from a grueling commute, they cut costs on food and transportation expenses, and get to spend more time with their families. However, one downside is that work can be troublesome if you don’t have a stable and reliable internet connection. 

Fortunately, Globe offers high-speed internet plans that can help you work from home conveniently and smoothly. 

High-Speed Unlimited Internet with Globe At Home Go Unli Plan

With Globe’s Unlimited Broadband Plans, users can get fast and quality internet—the perfect choice for a work from home setup since you don’t have to worry about running out of data. Stay connected and make working from home convenient by availing a Globe broadband plan like the ones below. 

Go Unli PlanAdvertised Maximum Speed 
Go Unli Plan 1299Up to 5 MBPS
Go Unli Plan 1699Up to 10 MBPS
Go Unli Plan 1899Up to 25 MBPS
Go Unli Plan 2499Up to 50 MBPS
Go Unli Plan 2899Up to 100 MBPS

Bigger and Better Internet Experience with Globe At Home Go Big

Globe’s Go Big plans come with Fiber connection and big data allowances, a perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable plan that can meet the internet consumption of your family or small business. This is ideal if you have two or more people working from home in your house.

Go Big PlanAdvertised Maximum Speed 
Go Big Plan 1699Up to 20 MBPS, 600 GB internet data 
Go Big Plan 1899Up to 50 MBPS, 600 GB internet data
Go Big Plan 2499Up to 100 MBPS, 1 TB internet data
Go Big Plan 4499Up to 200 MBPS, 1.5 TB internet data
Go Big Plan 6999Up to 500 MBPS, 3 TB internet data
Go Big Plan 9499Up to 1 GBPS, 6 TB internet data

On the other hand, if your work demands a lot of calling and contacting people through mobile and minimal deskwork, you can opt for a Globe postpaid plan and use the hotspot feature instead when you need to. 

Working remotely has a lot of perks, but there are downsides to it, as well. You need discipline and smart strategies for this flexible approach to work for you. Here are some handy guides to help you work from home during COVID-19 more effectively. 

  • Set a schedule – Stick to your company’s directed regular hours or the best working hours for you to help you maintain a work-life balance when working from home. Working on different schedules (if your company allows flexible hours) can disrupt your daily routine. 
  • Maintain rules at home – Remote working allows you to spend more time with your loved ones. However, their presence may be distracting while you’re working. It’s essential to set some ground rules with the people around you so you can focus more on your job and that your productivity wouldn’t be affected. 
  • Schedule breaks – Apart from your lunch break, step away from your computer screen and smartphone every now and then to reduce your mental fatigue, recharge your brain, and help you stay focused the moment you resume your task.
  • Establish your workspace – If you don’t have an office space at home, at least find a dedicated working space strictly for work time. This should help separate your personal space from your workspace, helping you focus better, as well as minimize distractions. 

Make Working from Home Possible with Globe

Enjoy a wonderful internet experience with Globe’s broadband plans. Gone are the days when you’d suddenly get dropped from your video call meetings or experience lags while browsing with a stable internet connection. With the flexibility and variety of plans available, you can find the right one that can support your work and lifestyle needs. 

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