The Importance of Digital Marketing for eCommerce Business

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This year, the number of global digital buyers is estimated to be around two billion. That is more than a quarter of the world’s total population. With the rate this pandemic is going, businesses know how eCommerce will dominate the entire world this year and in the coming years as well.

However, the digital hemisphere is a dog-eat-dog world. Every company and web development agency must put in their time, effort, and digital marketing skills for their audiences to notice. If you haven’t started with your online advertising approach yet, you’re clearly missing out.

Here’s why digital marketing for eCommerce is crucial to cut through the noise.

1. Online Presence is a must

When you’re in the eCommerce industry, online presence is a must. The lack of a physical store means you’re not getting to your offline audience. Dwelling on digital marketing, however, means you’re making the effort to gain traction, which is what every online store needs.

Plus, your competitors are also present online. That said, boosting your online presence through digital advertising means you’re in the game.

2. Video marketing has higher ROI

Video marketing for small business ventures is a perfect way to gain authority and credibility. While other types of digital marketing are still effective, video marketing is proven to have a higher ROI.

Moreover, consumers’ attention span is getting shorter by the day. That said, it’s vital to grab their attention through compelling images and videos. Last but not least, videos are excellent to explain a complex idea, product, or service. So if you happen to have a complicated business structure, video marketing is your best bet.

3. Easier to be seen on search engines

SEO and PPC are two of the most effective digital marketing strategies that can bolster your popularity as a brand. If you have the skills to integrate the right keywords in your content marketing or video marketing, you can appear on the first page of search engines. This way, a lot of your target market that searches for the keywords will see you.

While SEO is cheaper, its counterpart which is PPC, on the other hand, will cost you more. However, compared to SEO, PPC will enable your brand to rank faster. This is because you’re paying for a slot on search engines’ ad space.

4. Everyone is on social media

In 2019, there were an estimated 2.95 social media users. And that number is expected to grow to around 3.43 billion in 2023. It’s safe to say, everyone is on social media right now. And this is the perfect time to tap into your audience on social media as well.

Social media marketing takes skills to conquer. But with proper and consistent uploads, you can gain traction. The upper hand of using social media marketing is that you can set your audience demographics and psychographics. This will enable you to only show your ads or posts to your
target audience.

That means every upload will have a high chance of encouraging brand awareness or increasing conversions. For instance, Facebook has a feature called Campaign Budget Optimization wherein you can set the maximum marketing budget daily or weekly. Plus, Facebook will do the rest to spend the budget depending on which campaigns are gaining conversions.

5. Personalization

The thing about digital marketing is it’s easy to personalize with the help of free or paid Analytics or tools. For example, in email marketing, customers read the email content more if they see a personalized email title.

6. More affordable

The last reason why every eCommerce business should delve into digital marketing is how affordable it is. Compared to traditional marketing or outdoor advertising, online marketing is relatively more affordable. This makes it excellent for ventures, startups, and small businesses that have a tight budget.

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