4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (And What to Do Instead)

One can’t deny how content marketing is actually one of the most effective, if not the best, strategies available today. But, with this in mind, many brands are also looking into engaging in one, turning it into a highly congested space. What’s more critical is that there are a number of mistakes done by content marketers, slimming down the odds of generating leads. Firstly, one of the biggest mistakes done by marketers is focusing too much on growing the business instead of penetrating traffic. Secondly, it is failing to experiment on other channels like videos, infographics, etc. Thirdly, it is not creating evergreen content, or those that would still be relevant 5 years later. Lastly, not having enough (or any) CTAs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Focus on understanding what content your customer wants
  2. Turn your current content into multiple formats to appeal to a wider audience
  3. Research on evergreen topics rather than focusing too much on viral content

“What common content-marketing mistakes have you made?”

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