Weekly Recap: 2020 May 3–9

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Late last week, we have updated our content marketing page. The update is yet ongoing as we still have a lot to show like metrics and results of our content marketing experiment.

We also created a post on PEACE content marketing.

What is it?

Simply put, it is the criteria we’ve coined for content marketing.

Get our PEACE content marketing infographic below.

PEACE Content Marketing Infographic by BrodNeil.com

Copy-paste the code below:

<a href="https://www.brodneil.com/peace-content-marketing/"><img src="https://www.brodneil.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/PEACE-Content-Marketing-Infographic.jpg"></a>

Here is a recap of what we had last week:

  1. The SEO Elevator Pitch – Best of Whiteboard Friday
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Employer Branding
  3. 4 Excellent Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Help From the Right SEO Agency
  4. 3 of The Biggest SEO Blunders And How To Avoid Them

What to expect this week?

We will continue our best to finish a detailed step-by-step process in how do we implement an effective content marketing campaign.

We will show some metrics on a home and garden site, igarden101.com, later this week. We’ve recently implemented content marketing sometime around 2020 April 28.

We hope to continue showing our results on its progress moving forward.

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