7 SEO Quick Wins During COVID-19 via @Stevenvvessum

While companies are operating at reduced capacity right now due to the coronavirus, some are investing more into SEO strategies that will hopefully pay off in the future when the market is open again. Here are some things that you can implement right now to get future benefits. To get results the fastest, you should focus on taking your existing content and improving it. Read on for how to improve your current content to take advantage of the times.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies have begun focusing on SEO strategies to help them in the months following the coronavirus.
  • Here are some tactics you can use in your SEO and marketing right now during the coronavirus.
  • If you want fast results, you should improve your current marketing strategies using these tips.

“Companies understand it can take months to reap the rewards of investments into SEO and content marketing.”

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