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A fast internet connection isn’t just about having a good broadband plan, it’s about making sure your Wi-Fi router is properly located. It’s necessary to keep the router centrally located and free from obstruction by concrete walls, mirrors or doors. In addition, having too many devices connected at one time can slow down your speed. … Read more

Slow Globe Internet Connection?

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Usually when you call Globe’s customer support for a slow or intermittent Internet connection, they usually will ask you to unplug your cable from the router/modem and restart the modem/router.  They often won’t ask you to restart your computer. Sometimes, they do work and sometimes they don’t. When asked to this, I usually also restart … Read more

Sen. Bam Aquino is calling an investigation on reported slow Internet speed in Philippines

The Internet in the Philippines has been improving over the years. Yet, the Philippines, particularly Cebu, is still far from having stable and affordable Internet connections. This particular concern is for residential Internet users and subscribers. According to philippineslifestyle.com, a study showed the Philippines fell behind neighboring middle-income countries in terms of critical indicators concerning … Read more