Advertisers May Now Use Pinterest’s New Shopping Tools

Pinterest introduces new capabilities that allow advertisers and brands to promote their products to Pinterest users. The launch is the latest move by the corporation to expand online shopping and advertising on its platform.

Pinterest’s new “slideshow for collections” tool automatically extracts products from brands’ catalogs and converts them into a “collections ad.” The company claims that this new function would make it easier for advertisers to create video-like material personalized to particular consumers.

They are also introducing a new tool called “merchant details” that will allow businesses to display their beliefs on their profiles. On the other hand, the “Idea Ads with paid partnership” feature is a joint partnership between creators and advertisers.

Key takeaways:

  • They hope to persuade customers to buy more things at once. According to the company, Pinterest shoppers have 85% larger baskets and spend twice as much per month as shopping on other platforms.
  • The company is also expanding its Verified Merchant Program to Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, which helps users identify approved brands. 
  • These new capabilities are unsurprising, given that Pinterest has long been positioned as a source of inspiration that can lead to online purchases.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/06/pinterest-rolls-out-new-shopping-features-for-advertisers/

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