Terms of Service

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For non-community members

BrodNeil.com doesn’t promote gambling, lottery, drugs, guns, and pornography.

BrodNeil.com utilizes affiliate links as an alternative income stream to bring consistent and up-to-date information on digital marketing. We only earn from your purchases.

We make it a point to promote only products or services that we are using or have used in the past for both our own sites and our clients’ sites. These are tried-and-tested products and services.

Note that non-affiliate links are employed for references and citation purposes only. We do not promote them nor earn any commission from them.

For community and affiliate members

Premium (gated) content

Community members have exclusive access to premium (gated) pages or sections of the pages.

Guest posting

  1. Content requirements:
    1. Articles and links related to pyramiding, scams, sex, dating, gambling, and drugs are not allowed. We follow Google’s content policies and you can read it here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/10622781
    2. Please note that you are paying for exposure to our audience, and not for link building.
    3. You can use text links and banners on your articles. (We don’t have a minimum or maximum requirement for links and banners.. Yet we do require you to make your article worthwhile for the readers.)
    4. We prefer long articles (about 2,000 words).
    5. You need to write your own articles. (If you need us to write an article for you, contact us after subscribing.)
    6. Your article and links will stay LIVE as long as the site is LIVE (unless compelled by third-party legal actions)
    7. We do plagiarism checks on your articles.
    8. Your links are dofollow. We have the right to change them to nofollow without prior notice. (Rarely does this happen as long as your links are contextual to what the content is about.)
  2. Cancellation and Refund:
    1. You may cancel anytime. Canceling immediately stops you from guest posting. With that said, I suggest you submit all 12 articles before you cancel.
    2. We don’t give a refund once an article has been approved and published.
  3. On Submissions and subscription:
    1. Each article published on any of our websites/blogs counts for 1 article submission.
    2. You may submit all 12 articles in a month’s time or you can spread them during the entire year. (If you need to submit more than 12 articles in a year, contact us.)
    3. You need to use up all your submission slots before your subscription expires. Unused slots will not be honored on the next renewal.
    4. Articles that are not approved and published do not take up your submission slot (only published articles are counted).
    5. We may edit your article anytime without the need to inform you. This may include changing/deleting sections or adding new links. (Removing your link is something we don’t plan to do unless it is related to no.1 under Terms.)
  4. We reserve the right to change the TOS and the content of this page anytime.
  5. You need to pay for the subscription before we process your submission.

Affiliate partnership terms

All community members are automatically registered as affiliate members, where each member can earn a recurring income for every referral made that converts into a paid subscriber.

  • The cookie duration is set to 30 days.
  • Credit to the first affiliate.
    • This means if you refer Anthony for example to BrodNeil.com. Then another Affiliate refers Anthony to BrodNeil.com. If Anthony signs up within 31 days of the cookie duration. The referral credit is given to you as you are the first affiliate.
  • The refund Grace Period is 30 days.
  • The minimum payout amount is US$10
  • The commission rate is set to 31%.
  • We don’t allow affiliates to make a purchase on their own affiliate links.


We reserve the right to change/edit the terms of service without the need for notice.