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How to increase earnings in Adsense

In this guide, you’ll also learn how to increase your Google AdSense earnings by making some straightforward changes. This can help skyrocket your AdSense CPC. According to Jacob M., who writes at, results can increase your AdSense earnings by more than five times. Don’t you like that?


  • to gradually increase your AdSense CPC
  • to gradually increase your AdSense CTR 


  • follow and apply these simple changes or steps.
  • Keep on testing to grow your AdSense earnings.

Content is king. It holds true in Adsense.

It is the most essential tip to master. Therefore, it is called king. 

Tip #1: Always provide your readers with something unique and worthwhile to help them answer their questions or solve their problems or issues. Provide your readers with high-quality content updated content. Google will rate your website much higher, and the CPC (the bids advertisers make to appear on your website) will increase.

Be decisive on your ad sizes and placements.

Ad placement and size play an essential role in delivering a better user experience. They can improve your AdSense earnings.

Tip #2: Place two ads inside your blog posts (or content).

  • Keep one 336 x 280 large rectangle ad on the top of the blog post just below the title.
  • Place the second ad in the middle of the blog post as a 468 x 60 sized banner.  

Tip #3: Place one ad outside the post inside your sidebar.

Position your AdSense ad units as not to annoy your readers by popping right in their faces. Instead, have them perfectly fit inside your content or in positions from which you aim to get more clicks.

For example, a site that provides file downloads can have an AdSense Ad Unit near the download link to get a High CTR.

Tip #4: Find keywords with low competition, high CPC, and high search volume. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Always use these keywords naturally at the beginning, the middle, and the end of your content. This includes your headings or tags.

Recommended: keywords with a CPC higher than $2.50.

For Rank Tracker users, you can filter the following:

  • competition: less than 0.33 (low)
  • # of searches: more than 999
  • Cost per Click: more than $2.49

Monitor and limit the use of AdSense ad units.

Tip #5: Track your progress using Google AdSense Custom Channels. This can give you a precise and clear idea of the best-performing ad slots. Measure the CTR, CPC, CPM, and earning of every ad unit for at least 2-weeks.

Tip #6: Remove the ad units with the lowest CTR. and replace them with the higher paying ad units with a higher CTR.

Enable both text and image/media-rich ads.

Tip #7: Always enable text and image ads on your websites. Never limit your ad visibility to “Only image/media-rich ads” or “Only text ads.” Limiting will lower the bids for advertisers to appear on your website. This directly means low AdSense CPC. The more advertisers that are bidding to appear on your website, the higher your AdSense CPC will be.

Reduce fraud, accidental, and useless clicks

Tip #8: Always minimize any accidental or useless clicks on your AdSense ad units. Don’t place an ad unit near the top of your content or in an awkward location where some people end up clicking by mistake. When this happens, the visitors often back out or close the ad. This is counted by Google as either an accidental or fraud click. 

Tip #9: Never ask your friends or family to click on your ads.

Are you doing Adsense yourself?

What was your experience?

Anything you can add to the tips above?

If you have been earning Adsense for some time, please comment below and leave us your tips and website.



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