Tomba.io: Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing, and More [2022 Review]

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Tomba.io is an email finder and verifier for sales and email marketing. This is one of the easiest ways to collect and scrape public data using robots with advanced prospecting tools that will find the right leads efficiently & conveniently.

What is Tomba

Tomba is an email tool that can help you find, track and verify new leads. You can use it to find those interested in your products or offers. It enables you to reach out to more people in less time, so your marketing efforts are more efficient.

Tomba can be an extension of Chrome and with its easy-to-use interface, extra features, and simple interface it is a good choice for email marketing.

Tomba is a cloud-based solution that has been designed for all types of businesses. If you’re looking for a tool to help with lead generation or email marketing, Tomba can help.

What are the features of Tomba

Tomba, provide more than just a simple email generator. Here is a list of Tomba’s premium features:

  1. Domain Search: The Domain Search tool provides functionality that helps you find all email addresses from a given domain. (for example, “tomba.io”) the search will return all publicly available emails found across the web. 💡
  2. Email Finder: The Email Finder can find an email address with a good level of certainty. It either returns one we have in our base or predicts one by analyzing the domain data.
  3. Author Finder: The Author Finder lets you find the author of an article, along with their professional email address.
  4. Email Verify: For verification purposes, you should use a comprehensive email checker.
  5. Phone finder and verify: Validate phone numbers, and ensure message deliverability. Get carrier information when you need it most. Receive information about phone numbers all while checking carrier types and names.
  6. Bulks Tasks: find and verify emails in bulk
  7. Extensions: Find and verify the email addresses behind the websites you’re browsing.
  8. Integrations: Automatically save your leads to your favorite CRM 💡
  9. Lead Management: A lead is a potential contact for you and your organization. Saving leads in Tomba helps to keep a record of new people to contact to better automate your marketing efforts or to simply save important professional contacts.
  10. Multi Level Permissions: Create a team in Tomba and share your subscription with your colleagues 💡
  11. API & Webhook: Webhooks allow external services to be notified when certain events happen. Learn more in our Webhooks Guide. 💡
  12. Google Sheet Add-on: Tomba enables you to easily find and verify leads using Google Sheets.

How to install and use Tomba for Chrome

  1. Click here to access Tomba’s Chrome Extension page.
  2. Click the “+ Add to Chrome” button.
  3. Confirm by clicking on the Add extension.
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Every time you browse a website, all you need to do is click on the icon. With this, you will get a list of email addresses for that site and its sources.

tomba.io chrome extension

How to do bulk tasks in Tomba

There are many benefits to using Tomba, such as being able to perform bulk tasks for domain search, email finder, author finder, or email verifier. That way you can just input a list of information instead of typing everything every time and getting results one by one.

To save time with your bulks, navigate to the Bulk section in your dashboard. You can select from one of the 6 bulk tasks on offer or create a custom task for yourself.

tomba.io bulk task

Let us take the domain search task as an example

To use the Bulk Domain Search, you will need to have a list of domain names ready. This list can be in a file (CSV, or TXT file), or you can simply copy and paste your list directly into Tomba.

Create a New bulk. Enter a unique name for your bulk task

When your data is in a file, make sure the domains are in a single column:

tomba.io create bulk task

You can also copy and paste a list of domains or companies in the text area:

tomba.io bulk task domains

You can process at most 15,000 domains in a single bulk.

Click Upload to start.

tomba.io bulk task upload

After your bulk has been processed, Download the full list.

tomba.io bulk task download

The file will also contain additional information for every email address, when available:

tomba.io bulk task result

Apply filters

  • The lowest number of emails is 1 per domain, and the highest is 100 emails.
  • Role-based email or personal Email
  • Filter by department
  • Choose to include the sources or not.
  • Set a filter strength (only or in priority).

More download options

Filter result emails by validity

If you choose to Download the Full list or all domains that we could not find emails for.

tomba.io download csv
tomba.io screenshot

Why verify the email addresses?

To know your real customers, verify the email addresses if they are real. Validating or verifying emails is still the most effective way to ensure the quality of data being collected. When you verify email addresses, email marketing becomes more effective. Fraud prevention is also improved and your sender’s reputation is much better.

Verifying an email address

An email address can be verified by clicking the verification icon next to it in the Domain Search:

tomba.io verify email

or by using the Email Verifier tool:

tomba.io validate email

Verifying an email address Via the extensions

An email address can be verified by clicking the verification icon next to it in the Domain Search:

tomba.io validate email and verify email

How much does Tomba cost

Tomba Email Finder has a free version. It also offers a free trial.

Tomba Email Finder paid version starts at USD 39.00/month and Yearly packages can save you 30% on rates.

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