How I Sustain My Digital Marketing Business since 2007

Last Updated: 2 years ago by BrodNeil

If you ever wonder how I sustain my digital marketing business since 2007 while others made their peaks and eventually died down, below can be brutally honest or naive:

  1. I pray for God’s (YHWH) blessings.
    1. I realized no matter how hard I try, how prepared I am, or how smart I implement my campaigns, without His blessings, everything is in vain.
    2. I once ventured into a business, particularly a local tourist spot — it failed. The sad part is I spent about 100 times more for that business compared to this digital marketing business. That was the time I relied more on my connections, on my finances, and on ME.
  2. I constantly check my priorities:
    1. God,
    2. Family (loved ones), and
    3. My passion (this includes this digital marketing business as well as gardening and aquaculture).
  3. I monitor regularly how to lower my overhead expenses for the business.
    1. I am regularly bombarded with new tools/software on the Internet. Not all of them are as useful and practical as they are marketed.
    2. Indeed, they can be great tools to have in my arsenal. But do I really need them NOW to grow my business? Can it wait for tomorrow?
    3. Do I really need all the features? What do I really need in this tool/software to start growing my business now (not tomorrow)?
  4. Keep my clients and subscribers happy.
    1. I personally prefer to spend most of my working time keeping my clients happy by providing them with quality service. (Ideally, 70% of my time.)
    2. Why look for new clients when I already have them? All I need to do is to keep them loyal as I are loyal to them.
    3. I don’t overcharge. They stay longer if it is easy on the pocket.
    4. But I don’t undercharge as well as I need to feed my family. I see to it that my earnings can give my family a comfortable enjoyable life while living simply.
    5. Simple is elegant.
  5. Make my team happy.
    1. Promptly address my team’s concerns.
    2. A happy team can keep our clients and subscribers happy.
  6. Be creative with marketing.
    1. Finding new cost-effective ways to grow my business.
    2. Implementing, monitoring, reviewing, and refining campaigns.

Now it is your turn! How do you sustain your business?

I am passionate about what I do.

I spend over 48 hours a week on SEO and digital marketing.

"And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, for YHWH, and not for men." (Colossians 23:3)