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Yelp Has Announced New Features for Service Businesses

Custom search filters, a redesigned review flow, themed adverts, and Project Cost Guides are among the new tools unveiled by Yelp for service firms and people looking for them.

Key takeaways:

  • Users can now filter for fast-responding firms, businesses that conduct virtual consultations, or businesses specializing in a specific task or repair using new search filters for service inquiries.
  • Businesses that fit within one of Yelp’s themes may benefit from themed advertisements. According to statistics from Yelp’s early studies, including companies in “quick response” themed ads saw a nearly 10% reduction in cost per lead.
  • Some of these features are unique to Yelp. This may help it stand out as a review site for users — at least in local services firms — and compete with Google and other review platforms.

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