Google Shopping

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Find New Shopping Inspiration on Google

Shopping online is as much about discovery and inspiration as about making a purchase. Every day, more than a billion people use Google to shop. They’ve been working on broadening your options to make those experiences even more beneficial. 

Google wants to help people develop innovative ideas, uncover unique products, and obtain the most terrific deal from as many merchants as possible. There is something for everyone, from giant retailers, marketplaces, and well-known brands to small businesses and new direct-to-consumer businesses.

Key takeaways:

  • Soon, iOS users will see a new button in the Google app that will allow them to search all of the photographs on a website using Google Lens.
  • Google has made it easy to shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories on your phone directly from your search results.
  • When shoppers seek things such as “kids bike helmet” or even a specific brand, they can use the “in stock” filter to see only the stores in their immediate location that have it in stock.

Read more: https://blog.google/products/shopping/search-on-2021-shopping/