Weekly Recap: 2020 April 12-18

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Here is a bit of good news despite the ongoing pandemic. (At least for Team BrodNeil.com, this is good news for us.)

It is a light at the end of the tunnel, a hope despite the current situation.

Everyone needs something to look forward to. Everyone needs a glimpse of something good especially when things seem dull.

The good news.

Our site’s organic traffic has exponentially increased comparing the data between time frame A and time frame B:

  • Time Frame A: from 2020 January 1 to 2020 April 19
  • Time Frame B: from 2019 September 12 to 2019 December 31
image 1
Screenshot from Google Analytics

There is an exponential change in traffic because barely we did anything for the last (more or less) 2 years.

We were too busy with client-related tasks that we had to redirect all our resources to them. (A downside for a very small team).

What’s the secret of the increase?

This is no secret at all.

We simply have to create new relevant content consistently to our readers or update our existing content to make it more contextual.

  • Relevant: relevant to your target audience
  • Consistent: regular basis
  • Quality: should be great (great can be very subjective)

More on this here: Content Marketing (updated regularly)

Here is a recap of what we had last week.

  1. What is Content Marketing
  2. How to Create a Persuasive About Us Page that Converts [Examples]
  3. How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research
  4. On-Page SEO 101: Tips for Keyword Optimizing the Most Critical Parts of Your Website

What do we have for this week?

We hope to publish abstracts about content marketing and SEO. These 2 topics, we believe, are here to stay when it comes to digital marketing. (Pretty soon, we will be having some posts on the topic: paid search.)

Before I end this, kindly check out the post below. I find this very important for small-medium scale businesses (SMB).

For years, I have this as my action plan; and I am glad I am not alone in this thought.

Characteristics of a Winning Plan

Fast is the new big.

Leslie Rohde

Below is something that might not be for everyone, and a bit of introspection is needed.

Going big is a choice… You can stay small… Being small is not bad… If you don’t want a million-dollar a year business, then don’t build one. There is a lot of headaches that go along a much larger business.

If you have a very simple, very low-cost business, and (it) makes a hundred thousand dollars a year, you probably keep 80% of that or more. It is kind of hard to say that that is the wrong choice.

Leslie Rohde

Fulfillment can come in different sizes. It does not have to be BIG.

I am passionate about what I do.

I spend over 48 hours a week on SEO and digital marketing.

"And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, for YHWH, and not for men." (Colossians 23:3)