How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research

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Social media and SEO can sometimes seem like the same thing. You should ask yourself a few questions. Does your social media support or help your search engine rankings? Does optimizing for search enhance the odds of your profile appearing to users? What does it mean if your tweets show up in search results? When people search on social media, they don’t want an answer, they want a conversation. This provides data for marketers to leverage to enhance keyword research. There are many ways to use social media to enhance keyword research. First, Facebook Ad Targeting can help marketers get data about their audience. Second, trending topics can be found on Twitter and used for data. Third, you can discover what shows up when you search Instagram hashtags. Fourth, marketers can look at content on Pinterest. Fifth, you can look at what influencers are saying on LinkedIn. This is how marketers can see the link between social media and search.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media and SEO often seem like the same thing, to everyone from beginners to the more advanced.
  • Now when people go past a post about your business, they’re still adding to your SEO.
  • You should use these tips to get information about keywords from social media.

“Along with joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups to understand your target audiences on a deeper level, here are some ways to use social media for keyword research.”

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