Facebook Has Released a New Explainer for Their News Feed Algorithm

Last Updated on July 16, 2021 by Josh

Facebook has released a new video explaining how its News Feed algorithm works. While the video doesn’t offer any new insights or tips, it does provide an excellent general overview of Facebook’s content ranking process.

The video explains the feed ranking process, including the four key elements that Facebook considers when deciding what material to show each user. Those four elements are:

  • Inventory. With all of the posts from the original sample set that you could be shown each day. These are based on the pages and people you follow, groups you’re a part of, as well as the ad content you’re qualified to see on any given day.
  • Signals. The system then uses a variety of signals to determine the relevance of each post to you. This is determined by your connection with the person/page that shared the update as well as how you’ve interacted with them previously.
  • Predictions. The algorithm then makes predictions about your likely engagement with each new post based on these considerations to emphasize the most personally relevant content found on these factors.
  • Score. The algorithm will score each post in your content pool and rank them based on all of these variables. The greater the relevancy score, the more likely that post will be displayed first in your Facebook feed.

Key takeaways:

  • The more people who engage with your updates and find your content personally relevant, the more likely your posts will appear higher in each individual’s feed.
  • Users can also select the relevant options in the three dots menu to signal that specific posts are not relevant to them.
  • Content that violates Facebook’s policies is frequently removed before any user sees it.

“Our goal is to make sure you see the posts that are most valuable to you at the top of your Feed every time you open the Facebook app.”

Read more: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-provides-new-explainer-on-how-its-news-feed-algorithm-works/603189/

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