How Dexecure Effectively Speeds Up Your Website

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Dexecure promises to make websites load faster, leading to a better user experience and more page views. In this post, we will share what Dexecure is, how it works, what users think about the tool, and what we think about it.

Note: We are not paid to create this post (review). We are, however, approached by Dexecure to review their solution as honestly as we can. We use the free account offered by Dexecure. It is no different from any other users’ free account.

At the moment, we are not using an affiliate link here. We want to run it on our test site first for at least a month or two and see how it goes.

So far, the test went very well for our WP blog, a2zBiotics.com after almost 2 months. See the results below.

The main site is running on Site.Pro. It is not bad but not something we could brag about. See the results below.

When we told Dexecure support about it, they were very transparent on how much they could do and not do.

That is precisely what we need from them to set expectations.

dexecure active account

What is Dexecure

dexecure exclusive offer 1

Dexecure is a cloud-based solution that aims to speed up websites through automatic optimization techniques. Their vision is to empower web developers and owners by automating performance, security, accessibility, and compatibility tasks.

The Singapore-based company started with a technology that automatically fixes JavaScript security vulnerabilities. Later on, they decided to focus on web performance.

How does Dexecure work

Dexecure claims to deliver up to 40% acceleration and resiliency through different suites, including 1) Web asset optimizer, 2) Third-party optimizer, 3) Intelligent network optimizer, and 4) Predictive page loading.

1. Web asset optimizer

CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files, fonts, and large image and video files are some crucial factors that slow down your website speed. Dexecure works by optimizing these files based on your browser, device, and location.

  • CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files are optimized by compressing these files that lead up to 39% smaller files. Dexecure also uses advanced minification and dead code removal techniques for JavaScript bundles.
  • Fonts are optimized by converting them to more modern formats like WOFF2, when supported.
  • Image files are optimized using automatic format conversion (images and GIFs), automatic quality selection, compression techniques, and resizing based on device size, screen resolution, and network using Client Hints.  
  • Videos are automatically converted to better formats and different resolutions. Dexecure also supports adaptive streaming that helps prevent buffering and streaming interruptions.
  • Dexecure offers accelerated content delivery by (1)integrating with enterprise-grade Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) like CloudFront, CloudFlare, and Fastly; (2) providing protection from common security vulnerabilities; and (3) utilizing the latest transfer protocols.

2. Third-party optimizer

Third-party assets and scripts, such as ads, social media buttons, analytics, and trackers, may sometimes cause your website to slow down. Here are the reasons why:

  • CSS, JS, and fonts from third-party servers may fail to load in your website, resulting in problems with your entire website;
  • Some third parties do not optimize their files (CSS, JS, images, videos, etc.);
  • They may not be using CDNs that are closest to your users; and
  • Increased setup is involved as your website tries to make requests to multiple servers, including Domain Name System (DNS) lookups, redirects, setting up TCP connection, and more.

With all these website speed concerns, Dexecure also optimizes the third-party servers and assets you are utilizing. They extract the target URL, fetch the resources, and optimize them in the same way it optimizes your website.

3. Intelligent network optimizer

By using multiple CDNS and DNS providers simultaneously, Dexecure can enhance the performance and resiliency of your website. It automatically chooses the fastest real-time CDN.

4. Predictive page loading

Another impressive load-speed optimization feature that Dexecure utilizes is predictive page loading. It uses proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms that predict the pages your users will likely click on. It prefetches those pages resulting in instant page loading.

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What are other features and benefits of Dexecure

Here are other features and benefits of Dexecure:

  • Integration with JavaScript, Android SDK, Shopify, Magento, iOS, WordPress, or any HTTP server
  • Email support
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard access
  • Cache purge user interface

How much does Dexecure cost

Dexecure has a free subscription package that does not require any credit card details. They also offer Flexi plan that costs $0 per month but may increase depending on excess bandwidth usage and optimization requests (cache misses). There are also two other paid plans and a customizable Enterprise plan. All the plans offer the same features and vary only in bandwidth limits and optimization requests. You may avail of their free trial if you want to try their services.

Take a look at their subscription plans below:

Dexecure pricing
Source: Dexecure

What are the pros and cons of Dexecure

There are not many reviews out there for Dexecure, and here are some that we have gathered. If you have tried using Dexecure, let us know what you think about the web solution in the comments section below this post.


  • “It helped us save lots of bandwidth by dynamically optimizing the assets used in our website.”
  • Improved website performance;
  • Excellent customer support;
  • Gave users better experience;
  • Easy setup;
  • Transparent pricing structure;
  • Simple and effective


  • “A little pricey when you have a lot of traffic and data being sent to users.” (However, the cost can very well be diminished when traffic converts to sales. It is simply operational cost as far as we can see.)

What we think about Dexecure

If you are using Dexecure for WordPress, it is actually very straightforward. You can find the steps here: How to Install Dexecure on WordPress Sites. If you have been using WordPress for some time, then this is a no-brainer.

If you are using a non-WordPress or a custom-built websites, then there are two (2) methods of integrating dexexure:

I should admit that the 2 methods above may not be as straightforward as when you are using WordPress. With the right amount of skill and knowledge, you can surely integrate Dexecure with your custom-built website.

Why use Dexecure?

If you have been reading our blog posts, you’d know that we have been using Nitropack on most of our websites. Most because not all of our sites are running on WordPress.

With Dexecure, we can now optimize the web performance of our non-WordPress websites.

Dexecure and Shopify

You can even integrate Dexecure with your Shopify sites. This is How to Install Dexecure on Shopify Sites.

Do you have multiple types of websites?

If you have multiple types of websites (WordPress, custom-built websites, and Shopify sites), then Dexecure might be the best solution where you can have them all in one place. The ability to see all your websites in one place is a huge productivity leap and solution as far as I can see.

Google PageSpeed Insights Scores

We are currently testing Dexecure on a site running both Site.Pro (for the main content) and WordPress (for the blog).

WordPress test on a Health and Wellness blog (https://www.a2zbiotics.com/blog/)

image 2
image 1 3

Site.Pro test on a2zBiotics: Food Is Medicine. (https://www.a2zbiotics.com)

image 2 4
image 3 5

As you can see, there is still much work to be done with the main site > mobile. We are currently in contact with Dexecure support to help us out.

Dexecure Support

At the moment, support is actually pretty solid. This might be because we are directly in contact with the “man” via email.

Looking at their support feature inside Dexecure, I think it is actually set up to quickly address queries and concerns. We are now trying to use this support feature and will update our review very soon.

Having solid support is what most, if not all, customers need when integrating a web performance solution.