7 Ways to Get Ad-Clicks from Cold Traffic

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If you are noticing that your traffic is going up but the interaction with things on your site is not increasing, then you might want to do a few things differently. You can get more ad clicks from cold traffic based on a few key things, like the color of the ad. You can also get more traffic based on the positioning of the ad. You can also consider reaching out to relevant people, people who you know would be interested.

Key Takeaways:

  • You may have noticed that the traffic has increased, but your clicks have stayed the same.
  • You can offer to give out free offers to generate more traffic to your web page.
  • Make sure the positioning of your ads and colors are eye catching so they’re enticing to click on.

“There are three different types of traffic: cold, warm and hot. Cold traffic are visitors of your website that has little to no knowledge of your business, products or services that you are trying to offer. Its often the cheapest form of traffic and you can buy it from sites such as Simple Traffic.”

Read more: https://learn.simpletraffic.co/cold-traffic-ad-clicks/

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