The SEO Framework

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The SEO Framework is a WordPress SEO plugin designed for WordPress environments similar to WordPress.com, which means it was established with users in mind who want to focus on getting their website ready in a hassle-free, enterprise-like, and reliable environment, free of adverts and branding.


The SEO plugin includes several unique capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the highlights of The SEO Framework WordPress plugin:

  • It is highly automated. The only SEO plugin that can intelligently build SEO Meta tags and Meta descriptions is the SEO Framework. It helps you save time and eliminates the need for technical SEO knowledge.
  • It protects you from SEO attacks. Hackers can attack any page on the internet, and they can delist your website. TSF is clever, allowing search engines to index the best version of the page.
  • There are more than 70 checks in it. Over seventy inspections are performed on each page of your website. The SEO bar will show you any issues. There’s no need to waste time scrolling to identify the problem.
  • It caches data in real-time. With The SEO Framework’s caching method, you may save your database from the extra burden. It provides real-time caching to help you save time and effort.


Unlimited premium critical SEO.Everything included in Free.Everything included in Pro.Everything included in Business.
Unlimited access to Free extensions.All extensions unlocked on 2 sites.All extensions unlocked on 20 sites.All extensions unlocked on 200 sites.
Free plugin & extension updates.500 API requests/month.5,000 API requests/month.50,000 API requests/month.
Public level-2 support.Private level-1 support.Private level-2 support.Private priority level-2 support.
$0/month, paid never$7/month, paid yearly$17/month, paid yearly$27/month, paid yearly
Source: theseoframework.com/pricing