Planable: Your Social Media Team’s Command Center

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Planable is a social media campaign command center that brings all of your people and content together in one place. It’s a visual platform that allows businesses, social media managers, freelancers, marketing and communication teams worldwide to design social media campaigns and exchange comments. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are among the social networking platforms that are supported.

Users can develop content for many pages and adapt it to different social media networks separately using Planable. In addition, users can add emojis, active hashtags, page tags, and Giphy integrations to their material by dragging and dropping media files into their postings.

Users can also schedule their posts to appear at specific times. Topics, purposes, and campaigns can all be used to categorize posts. Planable also has one-click approvals, a notification system, and a shared workspace for users and clients to work on postings together. 


Planable offers a free version, while its paid subscriptions start at $39.00 per month. You can choose to pay monthly or annually; they also provide a custom plan for large organizations.

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Key Features

Planable features include:

Social Management

  • Social Publishing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Ads

Content & Collaboration

  • Content Calendar
  • Content Library
  • Approval Workflows
  • Users and Permissions