Learning Vanilla JavaScript

Last Updated: 9 months ago by BrodNeil

The term vanilla script refers to pure or plain JavaScript without any additional library. The vanilla script is one of the lightest-weight frameworks ever created. It is essential and simple to understand and utilize. You can use the vanilla script to develop significant and impactful applications as well as websites.

Here are some of the following websites that are currently using vanilla JavaScript. These websites are also mentioned on the vanilla JavaScript home page:

It’s also worth noting that more websites use vanilla JavaScript than those that use JQuery.

Why Should You Learn Vanilla JavaScript?

With several vanilla JavaScript courses and tutorials on the web, learning vanilla JS is now much more accessible. A common topic that beginners address is why they should learn vanilla JS and use them when so many other remarkable frameworks and libraries are available?

There are various reasons why we should learn and use vanilla JS in our applications. Here are three reasons why you should know and use vanilla JavaScript:

Web Performance

Because it is the most significant portion of the front-end stack, it is considerably better for web performance than many other frameworks and tools. Unlike HTML and CSS files, which are accessible immediately after downloading, vanilla JS code must be compiled and processed. As a result, the size of a 50kb js file has a considerably greater influence on web performance than the same size HTML and CSS files.

User Experience

It provides an effortless but user-friendly developing experience. For example, while developing an application or website using JavaScript, a developer needs to open the text editor and begin coding. The developer won’t need to perform troublesome steps like npm install, compilation steps, no build, etc.

Easier Work with Frameworks

If a developer still prefers to utilize one of the other frameworks, working with them is more convenient. A lot of experience and knowledge is assumed in the documentation; understanding how all accessible tools function makes learning a lot easier.

Many beginners with minimal experience try to learn a framework, and it’s no surprise that they become stuck somewhere after a while and stop focusing on the fundamentals of Vanilla JS. However, when individuals feel more at ease, they begin learning frameworks again, and this time they are considerably more efficient.