How to Transfer Money from PayPal to GCash for Free

If you receive your earnings via PayPal, you can withdraw your money even without a bank account. You can quickly move your money from PayPal to GCash. Here is a quick guide on how you can transfer your PayPal funds to your GCash e-wallet for free.

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What is PayPal

PayPal is an online payment system that you can use to send money, make online payments, and receive money online. It is used in many countries worldwide. So if you are doing business with an international partner or working for a client overseas, PayPal is an efficient tool you can use to send and receive money.

What is GCash

GCash is a mobile wallet or an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that allows you to perform various cashless transactions. You can send and receive money, make bank transfers, pay bills, shop online, buy load, make cashless payments to retail stores and online marketplaces, and more.

Are you interested to know more about GCash? Read GCash: All You Need to Know.

How to withdraw your PayPal balance

If you want to withdraw your PayPal balance, these are some of the options you have:

1. PayPal to bank account

This process allows you to transfer your PayPal balance directly to your bank account. PayPal charges P50 for withdrawals less than P7,000. For P7,000 and up, fees are waived. Your bank may also charge fees for your PayPal transaction. Processing may take one day up to 5 days, depending on your bank.

2. PayPal to GCash (send money from PayPal to Gcash)

You may also withdraw your PayPal balance through GCash and get your funds almost instantly for free. You just need to link your PayPal account to your GCash account to process the withdrawal. Once the money is in, you may transfer your GCash funds to your bank account or use it to make cashless transactions. You may also cash out your GCash through its over-the-counter partners or ATM nationwide using the GCash Mastercard.

PayPal to GCash Fee: Free (for now).

Kindly note that you need to convert your money to Philippine pesos before you can withdraw the money from PayPal to GCash. This is how PayPal earns money.

3. PayPal to PayMaya

Another way to withdraw your PayPal balance is through PayMaya. You may choose between standard transfer (1-3 business days) or instant transfer (within a few minutes) with applicable fees. Just like withdrawing through GCash, you need to link your PayPal account to your PayMaya account to transfer your balance.

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Why withdraw PayPal funds using GCash

Here are some reasons why PayPal to GCash balance transfer might be the right for you:

1. You want a real-time money transfer

Unlike bank transfers that may take days for your funds to reflect in your account, PayPal to GCash transactions are processed in near-to real-time. In rare cases, it may take up to only 24 hours for your money to get into your GCash wallet. Standard PayMAya transfers also take a few days to process unless you pay an additional fee for the instant transfer.

To answer one of the frequently asked questions: “How many days to transfer money from PayPal to GCash?

You get the money from PayPal to GCash normally in real time the moment you Cash-in from PayPal using your GCash phone app.

2. You don’t want any more of the charges

Every peso counts. Good thing, PayPal to GCash fund transfer is free of charge. You only need to withdraw the minimum amount of P500 and enjoy free processing. With bank transfers, you may need to pay a fixed transaction fee for every PayPal withdrawal, depending on your bank. You also need to pay P50 when you process less than P7,000. If you intend to withdraw every month, imagine how much you can save when you use GCash.

3. You value versatility and convenience

There are many things you can do with your GCash wallet. As mentioned earlier in the post, you can conveniently send and receive money, make bank transfers, pay bills, shop online, buy load, and make cashless transactions with other people using GCash.

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How to transfer money from PayPal to GCash

To withdraw your money from PayPal to GCash, you need to link your PayPal account to your GCash account.

What are the requirements in linking PayPal account to GCash e-wallet

According to GCash, you need to meet the following conditions to link your PayPal account to your Gcash account:

  1. You must own both the PayPal and GCash accounts to be linked.
  2. Both accounts must exactly have the same first and last name.
  3. Your PayPal account must be set up in the Philippines.
  4. Your PayPal account type must be personal and not a business type.
  5. Your GCash account has to be fully verified. If you have been using the features of GCash, it means your account has been verified. If you are not sure about it, you may read this post from GCash: How to Get Verified.

Assuming you have met all the requirements above, you may now link your PayPal account to your GCash account.

  1. Log in to your GCash app.
  2. On the lower right side of the screen, click Profile.
  3. Choose My Linked Accounts.
  4. Select PayPal.
  5. Enter your PayPal email address and click the link button.
  6. You will be brought to the PayPal login page. Input your PayPal username and password.
  7. Click Authorize to complete the process.

After the linking process, you will shortly receive an email from PayPal stating that you have successfully enrolled for Preapproved Payments to G-Exchange, Inc. (GCash). This means that PayPal is giving GCash temporary permission to transfer PayPal balances to your linked GCash account.

How to transfer funds from PayPal to GCash

The most asked question and perhaps the reason why we are reading this post:

“How can I transfer my money from PayPal to GCash?”

Once you have linked your PayPal account to your GCash account, you may now transfer your PayPal funds at any time. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your GCash account.
  2. Choose Cash-in on the dashboard.
  3. Select PayPal under Global Partners and Remittance.
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer (minimum of P500). Click Next.
  5. Check if you entered the corrected amount. Tap Confirm. Once confirmed, a screen will prompt notifying that your transaction is being processed and that you will receive an SMS notification once your transaction is complete.

You will receive an email from PayPal that your account has been debited with your cash-in amount. You will also get an SMS notification from GCash confirming that your funds have been successfully transferred to your GCash wallet.

How to transfer money from PayPal to Gcash without linking?

The short answer is: you can’t (at least at this point in time).
However, you can always unlink your PayPal account after making a successful transfer from PayPal to Gcash. It is a bit of an inconvenience, though.

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Here is an instructional video from PayPal on how to withdraw your balance to GCash.

Read more about PayPal here: https://www.brodneil.com/paypal/.

GCash Cash-out Issue


Today (February 14, 2020), I cashed in from Paypal to GCash without any issue. However, when I cashed out, I did not receive the money. The reason I’m using GCash is its real-time feature. The experience defeats the purpose.

I heard last month (2020 January) that someone lost her money in GCash. It seemed to be an unauthorized purchase or an unauthorized withdrawal. (I think it was posted on Facebook claiming that there was no action from GCash support.) I never really bothered because all the while all my transactions were doing great until today.

With this experience, my initial reaction is to refrain from using GCash.

On second thought, I’d like to see how they respond to such issues.

My 1st purpose for writing this is to tell my loved ones, friends, and readers about this experience so they can weigh things for themselves.

My 2nd purpose is to document the course of action and promptness of GCash’s support.

Note that the real-time feature of GCash is what makes it a BIG plus. For Paypal to have your withdrawal in real-time, I think you get to pay P500 pesos for that.

With this incident, perhaps it is better to pay P500 in Paypal. I have been using Paypal for more than 10 years and I have never had this issue.

I already filed a ticket to GCash support and the agent had to escalate it. For the turnaround, she could not promise anything. I hope action will be taken promptly. This is where I created the ticket using its LIVE chat support: https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001959874-Cash-in-Cash-out-#Cash-out

I will update this post on GCash’s action and promptness; this way I can also be fair to GCash’s support instead of just ranting my complaint.


I receive a confirmation ticket of my concern via email through GCash Help Center after 20 minutes from the time I made the LIVE chat support. (2020 February 14, 7:20AM)

I got the money back the following day in my GCash account on February 15, 2020, at around 2:19 PM.

Thank you for the GCash support.

So I guess I can still continue using GCash then. Yet this time, I might need to do an initial transaction in a small amount.

What is your experience with GCash? Leave your feedback below.

PayPal for Filipinos Living in the Philippines

PayPal is great for Filipinos in the Philippines to transact with customers and clients overseas. To use PayPal, Filipinos need to create an account and link their bank account or credit card. They can then use PayPal to make payments or receive payments from abroad, with fees varying based on the currency and amount of the transaction. Security measures such as two-factor authentication and seller protection programs are available. Overall, PayPal can be a convenient and secure tool for Filipinos to conduct international transactions. Read further PayPal Guide for Filipinos in the Philippines.


PayPal to GCash is a quick, efficient, and free way to withdraw money from PayPal. You simply need to link your PayPal account to your GCash account to process the money transfer. This is an excellent option for small business owners and freelancers like digital marketers, graphic designers, and more who want to receive their money for free without waiting for days.

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5 thoughts on “How to Transfer Money from PayPal to GCash for Free”

  1. how much is the fee, if someone sends me money from paypal to gcash? do you have the table of rates or charges? thank you

    • I am not sure if someone can send you money from Paypal to GCash. Someone can only pay you from their Paypal account to your Paypal account. From there, you can withdraw your money from Paypal to your GCash account.

      To do that, you need to convert your currency to PHP currency. The conversion rate varies from time to time and that is I think how PayPal can also make money.

      No fee from PayPal to GCash after the said conversion.

      • Here’s a question, I don’t have a credit nor debit card to verify my paypal, but I have a verfied g-cash, can I still trasfer my funds from paypal to gcash even my paypal has not been linked to any credit nor debit card?

  2. Here’s a question, I don’t have a credit nor debit card to verify my paypal, but I have a verfied g-cash, can I still trasfer my funds from paypal to gcash even my paypal has not been linked to any credit nor debit card?

    • Hi Bienuel,

      My apologies, I have not tried that. My account has been with me for more than 10 years and at that time the only way to withdraw money was through a debit/credit card.

      However, if you read this: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/what-information-is-required-to-open-a-personal-paypal-account-faq2080

      It seems a credit card is not required to open an account. With that, it might be possible to link your GCash to PayPal without the need for a credit card. And this would mean you can withdraw from PayPal to Gcash.

      Would it be possible for you to test it with a very small amount? I would really love to know how it goes.

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Interesting concern.


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