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What Is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is fundamentally just marketing; it is a marketing effort making use of all the digital technologies and resources available in this modern time:

To further explain, digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services using tactics and techniques native to what the prospects and consumers (or clients) are digitally using.

These are like following:

Just like traditional marketing (which is the conventional method used before the internet era), digital marketing attempts to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with it prospects, leads, and customers or clients.

Digital marketing still follows the fundamentals of marketing.

Read the marketing fundamentals: at

Why Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing can assist you in creating a strategy to achieve your business goal(s).

  2. Digital marketing utilizes a spectrum of tactics and techniques to find prospects, connect with them, and convert them to paying customers or clients. There is an endless opportunity to be creative in digital marketing. Each medium, channel, and platform requires a level of technical and marketing expertise. Therefore, there is room for you to excel in one area even if your competitor has been in the business much longer than yours.

  3. The best part of digital marketing is that it is highly targeted or focused. This is the cost-effective side of digital marketing. Highly targeted or focused digital marketing works best with a very feasible digital marketing strategy.

  4. Digital marketing is result-oriented and easily measurable in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can easily be monitored.

  5. The end consumers and buyers are technologically savvy these days. If you can utilize the use of these channels and platforms that they are in, then you are a step ahead of your other competitors. There are numerous media, channels, and opportunities for brands and businesses to connect with prospects, leads, and customers (or clients) in the digital landscape. And every year, more and more websites and networks are popping in. It is the job of the digital marketing agency to advise the client of the most-profitable channels for a specific targeted audience.

  6. Digital marketing is a great source for inbound marketing and lead generation.

  7. Properly implemented digital marketing campaigns can position your brand or business as a market leader. When your company's authority is established across the Internet, digital marketing is nearly synonymous as branding.

Scope of Work in Digital Marketing

The scope of work for many digital marketing agencies may vary. This is also because most of the digital marketing agencies geared their services toward their expertise. Seldom do you find a digital marketing agency, which is an expert in all the areas of digital marketing, even for the big digital agencies.

Generally, this is the scope of work in digital marketing:


  • Services we offer are in blue or black.
  • Services we do not offer are in gray.

Internet Marketing

Digital, Non-Internet Marketing

The non-Internet marketing section differentiates digital marketing from Internet marketing. Internet Marketing excludes items under non-Internet marketing. That is to use it in the strict sense of the word. Though many digital marketing agencies carry the name digital marketing even if the services offered are substantially under Internet marketing. (And I guess there is nothing wrong with that. The term can be used interchangeably.)

What Is a Digital Marketing Agency

It is a business or an organization established to provide a digital marketing service specifically catered to the needs of a particular client.

Here at BrodNeil Graphics & Web Services, we don't believe in one size fits all when it comes to digital marketing. Every client has a particular need, a different type of resources, a unique personality, and a specific goal (despite also acknowledging the many commonalities from our other clients).

Our company structure is led by an SEO Specialist. Our team is a bit compartmentalized; each compartment is specific to one's specialty.

Think about it as a team composed basically of the following specialization:

As a team, each specialist focuses on his/her tasks and specific goals. The marketing strategy, set beforehand for the entire team, serves as a beacon in achieving our client's business goals.

In digital marketing, agencies have no other choice, but to adapt to this fast-changing digital landscape. And to have a solid foundation even when major search engine algorithm updates occur, we see to it that we only implement ethical digital marketing tactics and techniques.

Why Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

The short answer is that: "you do not have to." It really depends upon on your need and resources.

If you think you are passionate about it and you have all the time to learn digital marketing, then do it. We have a substantial amount of information in this website to get you started.

We have compiled a few items for you to consider when deciding whether you should take in a digital marketing agency or not.

Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Your Full-time In-house Digital Marketing Team

Consider your resources when hiring a digital marketing agency versus bringing in a full-time staff members:

Unless you plan of opening a digital marketing agency or unless you have all the extra-resources to do so, don't create your in-house digital marketing team just yet.

Consider this question: would you rather spend this budget building your own in-house digital marketing team, or would you rather spend it on what your business is really about?

If your business is into real estate like condominiums, would you rather spend that budget building your in-house team with all the human resource management headaches? Not to mention the learning curve that goes along with it? Or would you rather spend more time trying to focus on the nature of your business and leave digital marketing to the agency that you can trust?

Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Freelancers

I should say hiring a freelancer is way more affordable than hiring a digital marketing agency. One of the downsides is how to find a skillful and most of all trust-worthy freelancer. Please don't get me wrong. I started as a freelancer more than 10 years ago when SEO was in its infancy.

However, to find that perfect or more than perfect freelancer might take a bit of trial-and-error. And most of these guys, after working sometime as freelancers, are either absorbed full-time as in-house digital marketers or are fortunate to build their own digital marketing agencies.

If you have the budget to hire a digital marketing agency, go for it instead of hiring freelancers.

A digital marketing agency with a solid feasible marketing strategy is worth more than hiring many freelances all at the same time. Leadership, teamwork, and familiarity among team members creates a more efficient working environment. Working efficiency precedes the output or outcome. If you have the budget to hire multiple freelancers at one point in time, then why not hire a digital marketing agency? Think about this: "Every pack needs an alpha!"

Can you imagine the challenge working on a team where no one seems to stand out as a team leader? Or can you imagine working on a team where the person who takes lead does not have the expertise to do so. "Every pack needs an alpha!" And making these freelancers fight for the alpha position can be a bit destructive to your business. Hire a digital marketing agency if you have the budget. Delegate your digital marketing to those who have the experience and expertise, while you continue your sail as the captain of your ship (business).

Digital Marketing Agency vs. Traditional (Conventional) Marketing Agency

There are also the (traditional) marketing agencies that realized the importance of digital marketing. These agencies then tend to play on both sides of the marketing world: the traditional (conventional) marketing and the digital marketing. They usually deliver the creative side of marketing without any issue like developing a website. Their usual challenge is to convert those websites into income-generating or lead-generating machines.

As I've mentioned earlier, digital marketing encompasses a lot of areas; and each area requires specialization or expertise. Even digital marketing agencies have to acknowledge their strong points and their not-so strong points. How much challenging would it be for marketing agencies whose expertise are publications and prints.

Aside from that, digital marketing agencies also tend to have an expertise on the niche, market, or industry. You seldom find a digital marketing agency which can be an expert in any niche or industry. Though basically, the principles are the same. The years of experience working on a particular market, niche, or industry would allow that digital marketing agency an advantage to gain or accumulate the resources, the network, and the technical details to most likely succeed in that industry or niche. So some digital marketing agencies can be a perfect fit for travel and hotel industries; others can be a perfect fit for health and wellness.

There you go, hire a digital marketing agency for your digital marketing needs; and hire a creative marketing agency for your creative marketing needs.

Why Hire Us:

As much as BrodNeil Graphics & Web Services would like to take as many clients a possible, not all clients are for us.

We would rather say no, right from the beginning during the prospect/lead stage, instead of wasting your time and our time trying to do something we think we really can't achieve.

As much as the wrong digital marketing agency can cause you your time and resources including opportunity cost, wrong clients can also cause us our reputation and opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is something we don't take lightly. We would rather take a handful of clients whom we can greatly satisfy.

I read somewhere that a number of happy clients would tend to recommend a great product or service to friends. Yet most unhappy clients tend to badmouth on a product or service just to anyone. What a loss of opportunity then, can you imagine.

So why hire us as your digital marketing agency?

  1. We care for you and your business. We take care of the digital marketing assets that you have like it is our very own. You can sleep at night knowing that we are there taking care of them. Our concern or care does not start and end during business hours. Once we have you as a client, we take you into our care. Try to ask some of our clients: Testimonials. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. There is more to business than just money. It is who we are.

  2. As mentioned, we don't believe in one size fits all digital marketing. Every client is unique. We want to cater to your particular needs according to the resource available for you. Please, feel free to contact us: brodneil @ (no space before and after the @ symbol).

  3. You have access to the expertise and specialization that we gained over the years of doing digital marketing.

  4. The budget is set beforehand in the proposal and contract. You know how much it would cost you for us to achieve the goal you have in mind. There is no unexpected cost to worry about. You don't have to worry about human resource management and the tools or software for digital marketing. You don't have to worry about the overhead cost that comes along with it like electricity, water, and office space. You don't even have to worry about government regulations like 13th month pay and the rest. You only need to give us your clear goal, assess with us along the way, and see the growth and results.

  5. We take in a handful of clients only. We only take in what we can manage. Unlike some BPO companies which tend to have massive hiring and then a massive firing. We value the people who have worked for us, and it would pain us to just fire them when clients are leaving. Therefore, we would rather take in clients whom we think are here for the long run. Though slowly, yet gradually and surely, we are here to stay in Jesus' name. We are a family; and we intend to keep the family in good times and in bad. In fact, over the years, we've built special closeness with clients, which is founded in integrity.

  6. We value scalability and sustainability. We have anticipated that our clients would grow and we would grow with them. Therefore, taking this into consideration, we would rather expand for our existing clients rather than taking in a huge amount of clients. We would prefer to be experts on our clients niche or industry; that way, we have more room for scalability and more chances for sustainability.

  7. Though everyone seems to be saying this these days: "We are really passionate about digital marketing. And we really mean it." And if you are really curious about our secret, there is no secret. Every digital marketing agency knows what we know. And if they have secret digital marketing skills, well we don't. Eager to know why clients stick with us? It is a matter of consistency and years of experience, transparency and integrity, and lastly, we are really passionate about what we do; and we really mean it.

Even if we want to brand ourselves as the digital marketing expert in Cebu Philippines, beneath that is our core. We cannot brag to be experts in everything digital marketing.

Our Core

If we consider ourselves as a digital marketing blackbelt, our go-to (favorite) tactics would be SEO and SEM. If this is judo or jiujitsu, our go-to takedown technique would be paid search advertising, and our go-to submission would be technical SEO and on-page optimization.

Is our explanation making things more confusing? Then the more reason to contact us: brodneil @ (no space before and after the @ symbol).

Leave us a message with your concerns, challenges, and goals. Let us talk (or simply have an email correspondence). No obligations. No fees. Just a casual talk to know about your business and concerns.

Take your time. Yet remember, the future depends on what we dedice today; that is the here-and-now. We cannot change the past; we can only cherish the good ones and learn to forgive the not-so good ones. We can learn from the past, so we can decide better today, to make a better future. Contact us now: brodneil @ (no space before and after the @ symbol).