APE or the APE criteria is an Internet Marketing Criteria for Small Businesses and Startups.  This is the criteria we are using for our Free DIY Internet Marketing Lessons.  Most importantly, these lessons are geared and prepared for small business owners and managers, who are beginners in Internet marketing.

Why APE?

APE is coined to simply mean the following: Applicable, Practical, and Effective.

  1. Applicable
    • The lesson is relevant or appropriate for small business owners and managers.
  2. Practical
    • The lesson is actually doable for small business owners and managers (and not just a theory).
    • Its process is easy to follow and its application is simple to execute.
    • Taking into consideration the importance of time for business owners and managers — let us spend time to what matters most in Internet marketing.
  3. Effective 
    • The lessons can only be successful if they can produce the desired or intended result or outcome.

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