Why Adwords Ad Not Showing Because of Low Ad Rank Despite High Quality Score and Competitive Bid

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This is a post about your Adwords Ad not showing because of Low Ad Rank despite having high quality score and competitive bid.  What seems to be the problem?

We do know that your bid and the quality score are both important for your ads to show in Google.  Yet we also know that to get a good Ad Rank, extensions and ad formats are as much as important.

Google states that Ad Rank is calculated by using your bid amount, Quality Score, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats. The components of your quality score are the following:

  • expected clickthrough rate,
  • ad relevance, and
  • landing page experience.


A Personal Note on Paid Search Vs. SEO

So the next time you encounter this problem, check if your extensions and ad formats are working on your advantage.

Before I end this post, here is a personal note, I strongly recommend that you use Adwords to evaluate the strength of your keywords and to shortlist your list of keywords to rank.

After doing your on-page SEO for a particular page and before spending a lot of resources on link building, consider creating an Adwords search campaign for a particular keyword to test if the conversion rate is worth the SEO campaign you have in mind.

I truly believe that paid search in Adwords is very essential in evaluating your SEO and/or Internet marketing efforts.  Why spend your valuable resources like time and money on ranking for a keyword that won’t convert.  For the money lost can be gained; but time lost is lost forever.

So before you jump into the link building campaign for a particular keyword, test it with a paid search campaign be it in Adwords or BingAds.

Thank you for reading and please send me your feedback. Your own experience is as valuable as mine — please feel free to comment below.

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