Globe DSL Versus Globe Wifi Pocket

Last Updated on August 3, 2017 by BrodNeil

I have been a Globe user for sometime; and I would say that Globe Wifi Pocket is too expensive to maintain for a person or family who uses the Internet most of the time.

Let us compare Globe DSL and Globe Wifi Pocket:

My plan is Plan1599 at 15MBPS max speed with a 150GB+HQ DSL at home. Note this is for home (personal/family use alone). You know kids, they love watching and playing games as much as they want. They love the Internet especially Netflix and YouTube more than the local television shows.

Let us say I have an LTE wifi pocket which can cater to 10 devices with a 42MBPS max speed.  1GB would cost you P50 via GoSurf50.  Using GoSurf, 150GB of usage would actually cost you P7,500.  Even if you use, GoSurf999 for a 8GB usage, it would still be very costly.

Let us say that you’d use GoWatch29 which will cost you P29 per 2GB. It will still cost you around P2,175. And with this, you are just limited with the GoWatch like Netflix, YouTube, HOOQ, etc. So you might need to pay for the other browsing activities you’d like.

If you love video streaming, DSL is the way to go.  Your 15MBPS can already handle YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming channels without any problem. Why go for a 42MBPS when you can use 15MPBS and pay less.

If you think you need a wifi pocket because you love to use your internet while you are out of the house, try to do some computations.

How much time do you spend on the Internet while outside the house? Cause if it is not that much, I would rather pay for a DSL and just use my mobile data when I needed via GoSurf50 for that day.  I’m sure it won’t reach P7,500.

At the end of the day, know your usage and try to compute where you can really save and enjoy your Globe Internet connection.

For mothers who are trying to earn from a sideline selling online (like for example beauty products), I suggest to get at least a Plan999 DSL. Internet marketing can be demanding to your bandwidth.

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