A Definitive Guide to Mobile SEO

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Mobile SEO and desktop SEO both focus on using keywords that are searchable. It is critical to have a site that works well on mobile phones because research shows that people are more likely to make purchases on their phones than on the desktop. It is critical to make sure that the site also loads up quickly. Google is even basing their search results based on the mobile index, not the desktop. It is very important to make sure the mobile content is high quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a mobile-optimized version of your website is essential to your business’s success.
  • Google has switched its algorithm to heavily favor mobile searches, based on mobile indexes.
  • Having quality SEO and content is increasingly important to quickly draw in mobile customers.

“It has been shown that people who use a mobile phone are more likely to make a purchase than those that use desktop.”

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