Snapchat Cements AR eCommerce as a Top Priority

Last Updated on July 22, 2021 by Josh

Snapchat has acquired AR firm Vertebrae, which assists businesses in creating digital 3D copies of their products. It also announced a collaboration with luxury eCommerce site Verishop to bring a Snapchat-exclusive edition of Verishop’s fashion and cosmetics catalog. Its products can then be virtually tried on and purchased directly from the platform via augmented reality.

In the United States, augmented reality shopping is still in its infancy. According to an April 2021 study conducted by Bizrate Insights for eMarketer, only 10% of US individuals have used AR or VR to shop, while another 35% are at least moderately intrigued.

Snapchat Cements AR eCommerce as a Top Priority 2

However, for those who shop using AR, it can be highly effective. According to Shopify data provided by The Harvard Business Review, interacting with products via AR resulted in a 94 percent greater conversion rate than products without AR.

Key takeaways:

  • Snapchat has had augmented reality since the launch of its Lenses in 2016.
  • Snapchat’s push into augmented reality ecommerce is something to keep an eye on during the company’s Q2 2021.

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