Are your sites safe from Penguin 3.0?

Last Updated: 5 years ago by BrodNeil

The objective of every algorithm update is to return relevant search results to users. And spamming the search results does not make that happen. Hence the ongoing algorithm updates like that of  Penguin (from 1.0 to the most recent 3.0).

According to Neil Patel of quicksprout.com, here is what to expect from Penguin 3.0. Well – he said these are his best guesses. Being an avid follower of his posts, I should say his best guesses should not be considered lightly.

  • Optimized anchors: Are you still optimizing your anchor texts with exact match keywords?  It might be wise to consider that optimized keyword-rich anchor texts are now dangerous, not just useless.
  • Low-quality backlinks: Are you still creating  or getting links from questionable sites or networks?  Spend your time on things that really matter, not link building from low-quality sites.
  • Guest blogging network: Matt Cutts promised to nail guest blogging networks. Is this not enough to scare you off from guest blogging networks?

So if you are still stuck with link building, make sure you are getting relevant links from authority sites. Meantime, consider knowing about co-citation and co-occurence.

A little piece of advice, whatever you do, do the right thing. That should keep you away from penalties and avoid unpleasant outcomes due to algorithm updates. Doing the right thing can lessen the chance that your site will get affected; and if it does, it won’t be as much as those sites that are obviously at the other side of the fence. If you do not know where to start, you can start with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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