How to Make Money and Scale on LeadsLeap.com

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These are my notes on how to make money on LeadsLeap.com.

Ways to earn money on LeadsLeap

Earn when your referral and followers surf ads

When your referral and followers surf ads, you will earn credits.

You can use the credits for credit ads or encashment.

If you are interested to know more on how to earn money online, visit this post: Earn Money Online: Tips, Gigs, and Updates.

Don’t just count the clicks. You earn more while reading more.

In the beginning, I was only counting the clicks to earn surfing ads. I realized that the more you read and stay on an ad, the more credits you earn. Therefore, it is not just the clicks that matter, the time you spend surfing on the ads matters as well.


  • As a pro-member, I prefer to encash the credits earned.
  • I don’t use my FREE post credit ads at the moment. (I’m experimenting on something at this point.)
  • I only use my post PRO ads to advertise.

Earn when a level 1 follower upgrades to PRO

A referral is someone you’ve referred. If that person upgrades, you will earn a commission.

A referral is also your level 1 follower.

When your referrals refer other people, they will be at your level 2. Those your level 2 refer will be at your level 3 and on and on. All of them are your followers up to 10 levels deep.

Note: You do not earn a commission if your level 2 to 10 followers upgrade.

I am currently testing the COOP link by promoting it via AddMeFast.com. (Sign up it is FREE; this will be an item for another post.)

I am getting a decent amount of clicks since I started adding it at AddMeFast.com rotating many other ads I have aside from the COOP link.

image 4 1
image 2 2

Next month, August 2022, I will start to promote this COOP link to my SimpleTraffic account which I have been using for some time for my other websites.

This is one of the cheapest traffic sources I have discovered. The starting rate is $15/month for 15,000 monthly visitors which is about 500 visitors per day. You can try the 5-day free trial. Do not advertise anything on this free trial except either your COOP link or LeadsLeap affiliate link so as not to dilute the traffic.

CTR: Click-Through Rate

As of 2022 July 29, I got 71 clicks out of 312 views on AddMeFast. That is about 22.75%. Not bad at all for a CTR.

Although the conversion rate still remains to be seen after a month. Let us see.

This is how I compute it for geeks:

CTR = (clicks/views)/100

I got the number of views from AddMeFast, while I got the number of clicks from LeadsLeap.

Earn through the PPC widgets

I have not gotten any clicks yet from PPC and have not optimized it yet.

Daily active bonus

You can earn a cash bonus every day by simply viewing at least 10 ads personally in a day.

Once you’ve surfed a minimum of 10 ads, all the credits you’ve accumulated on that day (from ad surfing, PPC, coop, ad reporting, rating, etc) will be used to calculate your Daily Active Bonus.

Note: This is a cash bonus. It doesn’t use up your credits.

Strategy to scale

Grow your followers or downlines.


If your referral refers more people to join, everyone they refer will become your followers up to 10 levels deep. Then you’ll earn every time they surf ads.

Note though on the limitation and restriction according to LeadsLeap:

image 3 3

Growing the downline like many other networks/programs is the foundation to getting good income regardless if you are aiming for an earning through affiliate commissions or surfing clicks/credits.

There is no shortcut I can think of except growing our followers.

What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions, tips, recommendations, or feedback on how we can support one another?

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