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Google Is Working with a Feature That Will Allow Users to Click from Websites to Competitors

Google has revealed that it is testing a new feature that allows users to see search results on a web page rather than return to the search results page. The goal is to simplify visitors to compare search results and rapidly navigate one page.

The new Google feature is a side panel search. One of two experiments that Google is running to make its search results pages (SERPs) persistent.

Key takeaways:

  • There were two search experiments announced: Journeys and Side Panel Search.
  • Google Journeys compiles a list of previous searches on a particular subject and organizes them together. The tool is similar to a search history archive. However, it groups last searches by topic, making it easier to identify specific searches linked to a topic.
  • The Google Side Panel Search is a three-step procedure that begins with a standard Google search and ends with a website click. The third component is a left-hand side panel that opens to expose the search results that the user had previously navigated away from.

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Google: Gmail Now Has Appsheet Automation, and Chat and Spaces Now Have Jira Support

Google has added a new capability to its AppSheet automation tool that allows no-code platform developers to create bespoke apps and automation that interface directly with Gmail. 

Developers can now create applications that users can trigger and run straight from their Gmail inbox using dynamic email. While this has been the promise of active email since Google introduced it in 2019, we haven’t seen many developers take advantage of it yet.

Key takeaways:

  • AppSheet’s CEO and creator, Praveen Seshadri, who sold the service to Google in 2020, said this is a minor but essential step in its overarching objective to help more people turn their ideas into usable software.
  • As Seshadri pointed out, business users are typically closest to business problems. Thus, they are also the ones who know what they want from an automation solution like this.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that Google is announcing a new interface with Atlassian today, which integrates Jira with Google Chat and Spaces.

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