How to Optimize an Image for SEO

Helpful image SEO tips you can try

Optimize your site’s images if you think of what SEO aspect to focus on in 2023.  

While every SEO aspect is important, the visual pieces in your content deserve attention, especially since images make up a chunk of Google searches. Learn some SEO tips to make your images click-worthy.    

  1. Use unique images with context to get more clicks
  2. Fix broken images
  3. Optimize image load time 
  4. Make images responsive
  5. Optimize image names and alt text 
  6. Geotag your images for local SEO benefits
  7. Create an image sitemap
  8. Use image caching to speed up the site
  9. Mark up images with structured data to help Google understand your content
  10. Make your images shareable

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/image-seo-tips-webceo-spcs/470364/

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