Google Encouraging Advertisers to Work Directly with Third-Party Resellers, Such as Agencies

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Here is an article from seroundtable.com entitled Report: Google Pushing Advertisers To Use Agencies & Third Party Resellers.

Google is laying off many employees, and as a result, they are encouraging advertisers to work directly with third-party resellers, such as agencies. This change is happening because Google wants to reduce the costs of its advertising services. In the past, Google representatives would try to take clients away from the same agencies that helped them, but now it seems that they will not be doing this anymore.

More questions than answers:

What does it mean?

Does this change by Google affects how it’s handling advertisers, agencies, and third-party resellers?

Is Google requiring that all advertisers, agencies, and third-party resellers must be certified to be able to buy and manage Google Ads?

Is Google also going to require that all advertisers, agencies, and third-party resellers must pass a new exam to be certified?

Is it a move by Google to increase transparency and accountability, and to improve the overall quality of advertising on its platform?

Or is there something more?

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