Google Guidelines

Google guidelines provide recommendations and best practices for creating and optimizing content for Google’s search engine and other products, such as Google Discover. The guidelines cover various topics, including technical SEO, content quality, mobile-friendliness, and user experience. They are intended to help website owners and content creators ensure that their pages are easily discoverable and readable and provide a good user experience for those visiting the website. By following these guidelines, a website can improve its visibility in Google search results and increase the chances of being found by users looking for relevant information.

Google Updates Guidelines for Image SEO and Google Discover

Google has updated its best practices for image SEO and has added new guidelines for Google Discover.

SEO best practices for images

The new guidelines include using descriptive, relevant file names for images, ensuring images are properly tagged with alt text, and using high-quality images that are appropriately sized for the web.

Google Discover docs

Additionally, Google has added new guidelines for Google Discover, which is a feature that surfaces content on Google’s mobile homepage, recommending that publishers follow best practices for mobile-friendly design, use structured data, and optimize for discoverability in Google Search.

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