Gmail Offline: Send Emails without Internet?

July 7, 2022

Gmail introduced an offline mode. 

This new offline feature eliminates the need for the Internet to read or respond to and search Gmail messages.


Gmail Inbox

How to Add Emails from Other Accounts Like Webmail Through Your Gmail Account Using POP3

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Settings (located near the upper right corner of your Gmail interface).Gmail Settings
  3. When the Settings section opens, click on the following:
    1. Accounts (for some especially Free Gmails, it would be Accounts and Imports),
    2. Check mail from other accounts, and
    3. Add a mail account.
      Gmail Account - Check Mail - Add Mail Account
  4. Type your email address and click next.
    3 - Gmail Add a mail account - email
  5. Supply the details:
    1. Type your email address under Username.
    2. Type your password.
    3. Type the POP Server as supplied by your server or webhost.
    4. Select 995 as we will be using a secure connection (SSL); normally your server or webhost will also provide you the port corresponding with the POP Server that they provide.
    5. Check Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.
      • Uncheck Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server as we would like to keep all our files in Gmail.
      • Note that all emails will now be stored in Gmail.  Your files are no longer stored in the server once you fetch the emails to your Gmail inbox.
    6. Check Label incoming message.
    7. See to it that the label is the email that you added.
    8. Click Add Account.
      4 - Gmail Email Account Settings
  6. This is so you can send and reply as the email message you just created, instead of replying or sending as [email protected]  Pleas supply the following:
    1. Type the name you want to show to your recipients.
    2. Type the email address you just added earlier.
    3. Uncheck Treat as an alias.
    4. Click Next Step.5 Send Mail As 1
    5. Type the following details as provided by your server/webhost.
      1. Type the SMTP Server.
      2. Select 465 for the port.
      3. For the username, type your email address.
      4. Type your password, same as earlier.
      5. Select Secured connection using SSL.
      6. Click Add Account.
        6 Sends Mail As 2 2
      7. Make sure to check Reply from the same address the message was sent to.7 Reply from same Message 3
      8. Click Check mail now.8 - Gmail check mail now
      9. Then go to your inbox and check if Google has already sent you an email to confirm your newly added email account.
      10. Open the email and click the link.
      11. It will open a page or window. Click Confirm.
      12. Check Google’s confirmation. 9 - Goolge Confirms
      13. Do some testing.  If you have another email account, you can do the testing yourself.  Make sure you test the send and receive functionalities.

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