7 Positive Impacts of Technology on Today’s Society

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There is no doubt that technology has completely changed how humanity lived and functions. From doing a business meeting with people spread around the world to instructions on how to buy twitter followers, there are thousands of different ways how technology has helped society. Below are the top 7 impacts technology has on society.

1. Effective transportation

Imagine a world without cars. Without a doubt, the invention of automobiles is among those inventions that completely change the direction and future of human society. It has greatly helped in connecting people closer together not to mention contributing to the development of many other technologies. Delivery of crucial goods relies so much on vehicle transportation. Towns and cities grew larger thanks in part to these wheeled machines.

2. Faster communication

A hundred years ago, you had to spend weeks or months waiting to hear back from a friend or loved one when they live far off. Now, we are able to send messages and place calls on just about anyone around the globe and get an instant reply. Forming and maintaining a relationship despite the distance is not only easier but quite common. The lightning speed that we experience now has also given people the freedom to work outside of the office environment and work remotely.

3. Goods and services are better

It is a psychological fact that people behave better when they are aware that they are being watched. The same goes for the goods and services that we constantly use daily. Because almost every customer has a mobile phone that connects to the internet, every business owner makes sure that they are delivering quality customer service as well as quality goods lest customers post a negative review about their business. If customers are treated badly or find the store to be in poor condition, they can post such reviews in the likes of Yelp or Google Review for others to see.

4. Streamlined manufacturing

Think about getting a cup of coffee in the morning back in the early 1900s when beans had to be harvested by hand and roasted manually. It used to take a really long time to transform those beans into a good cup of coffee. Now, that whole process has been streamlined and sped up by a factor of a hundred. The moment a product is designed to it being on the shelves of stores is almost a feat of technological marvel where each step along the way is a perfectly oiled machine that seldom breaks.

5. Exchanges are meaningful

When the IT industry rose, it completely changed how society operated. Now, people can connect with friends and family no matter the distance and have meaningful conversations. Even establishing exchanged with strangers online is doable and very common. It has opened the minds of people from different perspectives about a lot of things. The cultural barrier that used to divide people is slowly being taken down as the internet grows bigger and bigger.

6. Longevity

People used to say that people back in the Middle Ages only lived until the ripe old age of 35. That’s because most of the population had no access to medicine and healthcare. That is certainly not the case now. Advances in science and technology have allowed the medicine to treat complicated diseases that used to be incurable a couple of decades ago. Drugs are constantly being developed for various illnesses. All this has the effect of people reaching older ages.

7. Better media

Satellite systems and telecommunications infrastructure gave rise to better media coverage. People could see, in real-time or close to it, what’s happening around the world. From politics to entertainment, humanity can be kept up to speed almost as fast as they can do a Google search.

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