3 ways in which Visual Search will Change the Way of Marketing

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When you are focusing on how to get attention to your site, you will want to remember to tag images that are relevant to that text. Not only will that make your content more view worthy, it will also paint a bigger picture of what you really have to offer. Finding the right images can be back breaking work, but in the long run it helps you work smarter instead of harder. The images aren’t going anywhere, a lot of people prefer to have an image to go with their search.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visual search starts with an image and uses a neural network to decipher the color, shape and size of the image.
  • Visual search will have a major impact on search engine optimization and will most likely change the Google algorithm
  • Visual search will allow for shoppable content to become more and more popular as it makes buying things online so much easier, especially by mobile.

“Visual search is an artificial intelligence technology that permits users to conduct an internet search using a picture, instead of keywords.”

Read more: https://www.martechcube.com/3-ways-in-which-visual-search-will-change-the-way-of-marketing/

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