WordPress All in One SEO Auto Updates: Should It Be a User’s Choice?

Automatic Updates Without Consent

With automatic updates, it’s no longer possible to save a backup before the update happens. Many people felt that automatic updates should always be a user’s choice.

Response on Twitter

There was some discussion about All in One SEO automatic updates as well.

All in One SEO Publisher Feedback

There were several criticisms about the automatic update feedback over on the WordPress plugin repository support page.

Another irate publisher wrote:

Multiple sites have updated to 4.0.11 without my permission, and while all auto-updates are disabled.

How dare you update my websites without my permission

From the mid of November through December 2020, All in One SEO plugin published a total of 12 updates to fix a large number of issues, seemingly dozens of bugs. To put that into perspective, according to the Yoast SEO plugin changelog, Yoast SEO published three updates only within that same one-month time period.

These are bug fixes from just one update:

It’s the update from December 21 that seems to have introduced the unilateral automatic update.

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/wordpress-all-in-one-seo-auto-updates-backlash/

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