Why and how to use the search results to create intent-based content

Search engines are becoming more and more efficient at figuring out what the searchers intent is. The search engine used to not have much insight to what you were searching for and because of this people would type in just key phrases that they figured would get a hit in the Google search engine. We all do it, even those times we type in the name of a business instead of typing out the entire URL. Search results will give you a direct insight to what it is people are looking for and it’s up to different brands to be able to answer those specific questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • When a search term doesn’t have one dominant intent, the search engine provides a variety of results.
  • Using a private browser window, enter a keyword and analyze the results, focusing on intent.
  • If there’s a dominant type of intent and your content doesn’t align with it, you probably won’t rank.

“We generally distinguish four types of searcher intent: informational, commercial, transactional and navigational.”

Read more: https://yoast.com/search-results-create-intent-based-content/

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