What Is the Ad Inserter Plugin for WordPress

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Displaying ads is one of the best ways to earn money on your WordPress site. If you want an easy and efficient way to manage your ads, the Ad Inserter WordPress plugin can be your friend.

It is so powerful that you can use it to insert CRM forms like that from Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign.

Let’s learn more about the Ad Inserter plugin.

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What is Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter for WordPress - brodneil

Ad Inserter is an ad management plugin for WordPress that comes in both free and pro versions. This plugin makes it simpler and more convenient for you to add, manage, and keep track of any type of ad on WordPress. You can use this for Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, sponsored ads, rotating banners, and just about any type of ad you put on WordPress.

As mentioned earlier, you can use this to insert almost all types of scripts, forms, etc.

What are the features of Ad Inserter

The Ad Inserter plugin is pretty popular. That is because even with the free version, you can still do so much. They also have the Ad Inserter Pro that is available in four paid versions.

The Ad Inserter free version alone is so feature-rich with many options and functional capabilities that you’ll get blown away.

WordPress ad management plugin that can insert any code anywhere on any WordPress page.

Here is a complete list of the Ad Inserter features:

Ad Inserter features- brodneil.com
Source: Ad Inserter


  1. AdSense integration – Free and Pro
  2. Syntax highlighting editor – Free and Pro
  3. Code preview with visual CSS editor – Free and Pro
  4. Automatically inserts ads in posts and pages – Free and Pro
  5. Insert ads before or after post – Free and Pro
  6. Insert ads before or after excerpt – Free and Pro
  7. Insert ads before or after content – Free and Pro
  8. Insert ads before or after any paragraph – Free and Pro
  9. Insert ads before or after any image – Free and Pro
  10. Insert ads before or after WP comments – Free and Pro
  11. Insert ads between posts on blog pages – Free and Pro
  12. Insert ads between WP comments – Free and Pro
  13. Insert ads at custom hook positions – Free and Pro
  14. Insert ads before, inside, or after any HTML element on the page – Free and Pro
  15. Insert ads below <body> or above </body> tags – Free and Pro
  16. Insert custom fields – Free and Pro
  17. Individual exceptions for posts and pages – Free and Pro
  18. Support for ads on AMP pages – Free and Pro
  19. Support for ads.txt file – Free and Pro
  20. Ad rotation (works also with caching) – Free and Pro
  21. Timed rotation – rotate ads in a single ad block without page reload – Free and Pro
  22. Rotation groups – rotate simultaneously multiple ad blocks – Free and Pro
  23. Manual insertion: widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call – Free and Pro
  24. Custom block alignments and styles – Free and Pro
  25. Desktop, tablet, and phone server-side device detection – Free and Pro
  26. Sticky positions with optional close button – Pro only
  27. Sticky sidebar ads (ads stick to the screen or to the content) – Pro Only
  28. Sticky ad trigger (page scroll in % or px, HTML element becomes visible) – Pro Only
  29. Sticky ad animations (fade, slide, turn, flip, zoom) – Pro Only
  30. Background ads (skin ads) – Pro only
  31. Sticky (fixed) widgets (sidebar does not move when the page scrolls down) – Free and Pro
  32. Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers – Free and Pro
  33. Options for insertion on 404 error page, Ajax calls, RSS feed – Free and Pro
  34. Client-side device detection (works with caching) – Free and Pro
  35. Ad statistics – impression and click tracking – Pro only
  36. Reports in PDF format – Pro only
  37. Public web reports – Pro only
  38. A/B testing – Pro only
  39. Frequency capping – impression and click limiting – Pro only
  40. Click fraud protection – Pro only
  41. Support for lazy loading (load ads only when they become visible) – Pro only
  42. Custom CSS class name for wrapping divs to avoid ad blockers – Free and Pro – Free and Pro
  43. PHP code processing – Free and Pro
  44. Banner and placeholder code generator – Free and Pro
  45. Support for header and footer code – Free and Pro
  46. Support for insertion of Google Analytics or any other web analytics code – Free and Pro
  47. Adblocking detection – popup message, page redirection – Free and Pro
  48. Adblocking detection actions – ad replacement, content protection – Pro only
  49. Adblocking statistics – Pro only
  50. Black/White-list categories, tags, taxonomies, users, post types, post IDs – Free and Pro
  51. Black/White-list URLs, URL parameters, cookies, referrers – Free and Pro
  52. Black/White-list IP addresses or countries (works also with caching) – Pro only
  53. Support for IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) 2.0 – Free and Pro
  54. Do not insert ad codes if the consent is not given – Free and Pro
  55. Insert ad codes immediately after the consent is given – Pro only
  56. Multisite options to limit settings on the sites – Pro only
  57. Support for export and import of block or plugin settings – Pro only
  58. Scheduling with date, time, days in a week, and fallback option – Pro only
  59. Show ads with delay – Pro only
  60. Multiple list checks inside single block – Pro only
  61. Country and city level GEO targeting (works with caching) – Pro only
  62. Support for MaxMind geolocation databases – Pro only
  63. Simple troubleshooting with many debugging functions – Free and Pro
  64. Visualization of inserted code blocks – Free and Pro
  65. Visualization of available positions for automatic insertion – Free and Pro
  66. Visualization of HTML tags for easier ad placement between paragraphs – Free and Pro
  67. Clipboard support to easily copy code blocks or settings – Free and Pro
  68. No ads on the settings page – Pro only
  69. Premium support – Pro only

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Ad Inserter Price

As mentioned earlier, Ad Inserter offers free and paid versions. Below is a their pricing table for their paid versions that vary according to the number of sites the plugin may be used, as well as other features.

Ad inserter price and features
Source: Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter Stats

Below are the stats of Ad Inserter:

Ad Insert Stats
Source: Ad Inserter

What are people saying about Ad Inserter

Many users think that Ad Inserter is probably the best ad plugin they have used for WordPress. Here’s what others have to say about the plugin:

  • “Makes it easy to manage and display ads on the site”
  • The free version gives access to many “smaller features that give you deep control over how your ads function”
  • “The free version has enough functionality for most bloggers”
  • “The Pro version is great value”
  • “beginner-friendly”
  • “comfortable for casual bloggers”
  • “has tons of pre-built (ad) placement options”
  • Ad Inserter Pro hands down have one of the most user-friendly interfaces”
  • “The placement options are flexible and it’s simple enough for non-developers to use.”

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Our experience with Ad Inserter using the FREE version.

The free version is jampacked with features.

Honestly, we have never used the pro version. The free version has everything we need for now. This is why we highly recommend Ad Inserter.

The free version over delivers. How much more if you get the PRO version.

Ad Inserter is versatile.

Whitelist and blacklist for ad targeting

You may whitelist or blacklist a category, tag, URL, taxonomy, URL parameter, referrer, or client.

You may choose to show or block it on posts, static pages, homepage, search pages, category pages, and tag archive pages.

image 1

You may also choose to manually place it as a widget, shortcode, or PHP function.

image 1 2

There are really a lot of features in the free version itself like setting it up for a client-side device detection or server-side device detection.

image 2 3

Make use of Ad Inserter to create shortcodes

The cool thing about Ad Inserter is that every block has a shortcode created. Therefore, you can for example insert an a script on a block and just use the shortcode any area on your website.

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It is simple if you need to insert ads, banners, or even Adsense ads on specific areas of your website, use Ad Inserter. The free version will do.

If you need geo-targeting, A/B testing with your ad, and click fraud protection, get the PRO version of Ad Inserter.

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