How to Protect Wifi Using Wireless MAC Filter in Your Globe Broadband Router

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This is how to protect your wifi network using wireless mac filter.  This is an additional feature or protection for your wifi or Internet. Moreover, this is not about how to password protect your wifi (which is another topic); and this is also not about how to password protect your router (which is again another topic).

How Does the MAC Filter Protect Your Wifi or Internet Access?

Only wifi users, whose MAC addresses are added in the MAC Filter, can use the WiFi or have Internet access.  Other WiFi users cannot access your wifi or Internet even if they know your wifi’s password.

How to Filter Mac Address in Globe Home Broadband

The steps below are specifically made for the router currently used by Globe Broadband (as-to-date of publishing this post).

  1. Login to your router using this IP address: URL
  2. Click Setup2 Click Setup
  3. On the pop up section, type the default user name and password (unless you have previously changed this) and then click on Log In:
    • User Name: user
    • Password: user3 input detail
  4. Once opened, click Setup.4 Click Setup
  5. Click WLAN.5 Click WLAN
  6. Click Access Control List.6 Click Access Control List
  7. Do the following:
    1. From the dropdown list in Wireless Access Control Mode, select on Allow Listed.
    2. Click Apply Changes.
    3. Type your device’s MAC Address (see the example in the screenshot below).  The MAC Address is usually found in your device or computer. For mobile phones, it is usually found under About Phone section.  Furthermore, it may also look like this 00:E0:86:71:05:02.  Moreover, remove the colons (:) when you input mac address on the Wireless Access Control area.
    4. Then click Add.7 Add Mac Address

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  1. Hi Alex, Thanks for leaving a comment here. We believe that the ISPs have disabled the admin access to their new routers. You may need to call your ISP and submit a waiver so they can grant you the ADMIN access of your router.

    We experienced the same with PLDT.


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