Pay Globe Broadband Via MetrobankDirect

Last Updated on June 12, 2020 by Myls Sedurifa

When paying your Globe broadband via MetrobankDirect (MetroBank’s bills payment online banking), make sure you choose INNOVE COMMUNICATION instead of Globe Telecom – to avoid getting an invalid subscriber/account number error. Globe Telecom is for paying your Globe mobile postpaid plan according to a Globe agent.

Innove Communication Globe Broadband Metrobank

How to pay Globe bill via MetrobankDirect?


Before anything else, your account should be enrolled in MetrobankDirect first.


After enrolling and setting up your account, you can now log-in. Go to Pay Bills and complete the necessary fields. Below are a few details that you can use as a guide.

  • Category: Telco
  • Subscriber/Account number: (write your account number)
  • Reference No.: (leave this blank)
  • Phone No.: (enter your mobile phone number)
  • Select Account to Debit: (select which account you’d like to use to pay for your Globe bill)
  • Enter Amount: (enter the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE reflected on your Globe bill)
  • Select Payment Type: Immediate (this indicates that you will be paying for your bill at the exact same moment)
  • Remarks: (leave this blank)


You will then be redirected to the Transaction Confirmation page. Click Confirm to confirm your transaction. After, you would then receive a Transaction Acknowledgement to your email.

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