Page Speed is as important as your Content and Links

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This is just a quick note before I take leave for the weekend.

We’ve all heard that (Quality) Content and (Good) Links are two of the most important factors for your site to rank, especially in Google.

Here is a 3rd factor I’d like to emphasize. Most SEO specialists know this; yet often times leave this to the developer.

And that is the Page Speed.

What good are the contents and links (of your site) if every visitor ends up leaving the site because of a very slow page speed or very poor load time.

Page Speed is more likely as important as high-quality contents to keep your site’s visitors as well as a page rank factor like good links.

Therefore, page speed is not just important for SEO; it is very important for your site’s direct users/visitors.

You can test your page speed on Google Page Speed Insights.

Just a quick thought for my readers before we end this week.

Hopefully, I can write more on this subject in the future.

Here is a link on how to speed up your WordPress site.

Lastly, I got something just to spark some thoughts:

Comparing SEO to the game of chess — if the content is indeed the king, then your queen is your backlinks. Then what is your site speed?

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