What makes Shopify attractive to business owners?

Last Updated: 4 years ago by BrodNeil

You must have heard about Shopify by now.  I have been a WP user from the start.  It is not that it is quite hard to change our old ways; using WP still gives me more control over Shopify as far as I can tell.

Yet, why is Shopify so attractive for many business owners and online sellers?

Here are some features why I think people, particularly those who do not want the hassle of building a website, are attracted to Shopify:

  • If you are contented with the templates, you just have to simply add your products;
  • You can add unlimited products;
  • You’ll get unlimited bandwidth and online storage without any worry on the server-side of things (Shopify will take care of that for you); and
  • It has loads of ecommerce features to make things convenient especially to non-techy entrepreneurs/businesspersons like:
    • Shopify POS,
    • online sales channels,
    • fraud analysis,
    • manual order creation,
    • discount codes,
    • staff accounts,
    • customer support, and
    • finances report.

You can build any online presence with Shopify: an online store for baby toys, an Asian grocery store, or an e-shop for fashion and accessories.

Visit shopify.com now.

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