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Good leadership: 5 unpleasant habits to need to stop 

The bad habits include the following:

  1. Being demanding
  2. Being judgmental
  3. Having the “my way or the highway” attitude
  4. Indecisiveness
  5. Lacking in accountability

Source: https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/5-bad-habits-you-need-to-get-rid-of-to-be-a-good-leader.html

Four words that affect business leadership effectiveness

To be an effective leader, you must work on your relationship with your people. Take note of these four words in communicating with your employees that make or break your interaction, according to Entrepreneur.com.  

  • Asking your employee (1) why can be interpreted as a judgment and can create a defensive posture. So even if you want to understand an employee’s action, replace it with (2) what.  Asking “what” shifts the dynamic of your conversation to an objective and non-judgmental one. For instance, you can ask, “What caused you to do (task/action)?” instead of “Why did you do this/that?”       
  • If you communicate with your employee about a task they completed but needs enhancement, avoid using the word (3) but. “But” can negate any compliment you say, no matter how positive it may be—instead, use (4) and.  “And” is a cue for your employee on what to do next. For example, you say, “Karen, I love what you did with that project, and the next time, I’d like to see it earlier.” instead of, “Karen, you did a fabulous job on that project, but I would have liked to see it a little earlier.”

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/leadership/the-4-most-important-words-in-leadership-development/438824


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