How to Create an Effective Press Page to Attract Coverage and Links

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A press page is a key component of marketing that creates a central location for formal and informal media to connect to your brand. There are often several important components to a press page on a brand website like linking leads, instructions, and brand control. There is some debate on whether to have an entire site or just a page devoted to press which usually scales with brand size and diversity. A good press page or site will have components like past mentions in the media. It will have organized contact information depending on the media source. It will have a brand narrative or behind-the-scenes story. It will offer brand style guides like font and logo descriptions and downloads. It will publish all the brand’s social media presences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many companies do not have adequate contact information about themselves online.
  • Having detailed contact and “about us” information about your company can make it much easier to connect with others.
  • Having an entirely separate company information site can help with Google rankings.

“Featuring various stories around your brand gives journalists more ideas of possible angles for their own articles.”

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