How Long Does SEO Take to Pay Off

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Are you just starting to optimize your website for search engines? Wondering how long it takes for SEO to show results? In this post, you will get the truth.

If you have a new company, forget about ranking for generic keywords such as digital marketing. Focus on long-tail phrases and questions that your clients enter into search engines. 

For example, use long-tail keywords such as digital marketing in Cebu Philippines instead of just using the keyword digital marketing. Make use of qualifies with your keywords. 

Why care about SEO?

Why should you invest time in SEO for your website? Is it necessary for a small business? The answer is a resounding yes. SEO helps your customers find you online and also supports them as they move through the buying process.

Forget unrealistic expectations

SEO is like going to the gym: you need to devote time and effort to get to the top of the search engine results. Do not expect to make a huge change overnight. 

How long does SEO take to pay off?

If you want good results, you have to do quality work.

Remember, these are just estimates. The actual time depends on many SEO factors that comprise the overall quality of your website. If it takes longer to see results, don’t get discouraged. Keep working.

After doing the initial work and while you continue to develop quality content and improve your website, this is what you can expect:

  • You would probably get initial results after three months.
  • You would probably remarkable results after six months.
  • You would probably full results after twelve months.

Source: https://www.business2community.com/seo/seo-strategy-for-smes-and-how-long-it-takes-to-pay-off-02374713

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