How Cultural Intelligence Can Help in Digital Marketing

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Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) is more important than we think. It is not just for individuals seeking competence, but also for businesses to grow and for tactics to succeed, including digital marketing strategies.

You may understand the importance of CQ in workplaces, which is to promote unity, innovation, growth, and success; but do you know how cultural intelligence can help in digital marketing?

In this post, we would like to share with you how cultural intelligence can help in digital marketing and with the other marketing strategies of your business.

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What is cultural intelligence

Cultural intelligence is the ability to embrace different cultures through your thoughts, words, and actions. It is having the right knowledge of different cultures and accepting that differences exist in language, beliefs, traditions, and even in social patterns. CQ is also about fighting one’s cultural biases and stereotypes and being adaptable to different cultural settings.

CQ is a crucial skill that makes a person globally competitive along with IQ and EQ. When you run a business, CQ can foster development, growth, and many other benefits.

How cultural intelligence can help in digital marketing

There is no doubt that cultural intelligence is helpful for businesses when it comes to internal affairs. It can foster harmony and good relations in the workplace; increase productivity among employees; and promote growth and innovation. In other words, cultural intelligence can make business operations more successful.

How about when marketing customers and target market? Can cultural intelligence be also helpful, especially in digital marketing? Of course!

Digital marketing is a very powerful tool that can bring your message to the world. Different people belonging to different countries and cultures can potentially get your message. Different marketing channels like your website, blog, social media channels, and email can extend your reach from local audiences to global audiences.

For this reason, it is very important that you are able to convey the right message you want to convey and minimize the possible misinterpretations and biases. Without cultural intelligence, it might be difficult or maybe even impossible to do so. Only by developing and practicing CQ can your business promote inclusivity in your digital marketing strategies.

Cultural intelligence can also contribute to your digital marketing strategies through the following benefits:

  • Ability to better address the marketing needs of your global market since you are equipped with the right understanding of different audiences and cultures;
  • Capacity to develop more strategic digital marketing tactics with an understanding of the different trends in the global and regional markets.
  • Competence in dealing with diverse clients, especially when it comes to online customer support.
  • Opportunity to promote positive brand image, as well as develop customer trust and loyalty

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How digital marketers can develop cultural intelligence

There are different ways digital marketers can develop cultural intelligence. For one, they can enroll in cross-cultural programs for professionals and enterprises. Seminars and trainings initiated by the company can also be of help. Businesses can also consider hiring people from different cultures to gather different inputs and insights from these cultures.

How digital marketers can practice cultural intelligence

Practicing cultural intelligence involves the digital marketing people themselves to make an effort to respect other cultures and embrace diversity. It is important that they understand the importance and impact of cultural sensitivity and cultural competence when it comes to developing and carrying out digital marketing strategies.

CQ may also be practiced by being on the lookout for certain language, images, or symbols, that may have strong meaning for other cultures or those that may be easily misinterpreted by other groups. The use of political or religious figures also need to be avoided. Finally, when developing digital marketing strategies, marketers need to check if they are not discriminating of other cultures or biased.


Developing and practicing cultural intelligence in digital marketing is very important in every business. While it may not be that easy, it can give you the opportunity to make your business grow as you learn more about other cultures and develop new strategies based on these new learnings. It also gives you the opportunity to improve your brand image, develop customer trust and loyalty, and be globally competitive in this ever-changing world.

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